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Building success together.


Together with 500 colleagues, we work with the latest technology on the most complex projects in steel and the most up-to-date steel-processing machinery. 

Are you the entrepreneurial type? Do you like dynamism and change, but are you down-to-earth and practical as well? If so, then you may well be our new colleague. At Voortman Steel Group you will be working with the latest technology on high-grade steel structures and machinery. Discover Voortman.


Your colleagues speaking

Valentijn Velten

We do it all at Voortman Steel Machinery: from small machinery to supplying complete product lines. Our employees in the Product Management department closely follow technological developments and the sectors in which we operate. We ask ourselves continually how we can provide for our customers’ needs even better. We listen carefully to our customers and together we arrive at great systems. Our challenge consists of automating production processes and achieving maximum output for our customers.

Jessie Muller

The scope, complexity, the customer and the international context are different in every project. That is what makes the job so varied. Our team consists of several Project Managers. Together we ensure that all our customer projects turn out successfully. In your Project Manager role, collaboration is very important for you as you will be dealing with virtually every department in the organisation. You will ensure that everyone is on the same page. You know how to motivate your colleagues, ensuring that all disciplines, knowledge and skills come together at the right time for the optimum project result.

Joran Haarhuis

In your Project Manager role you will be the kingpin of every project. You will look after operational, financial and technical control. You will be well-versed technically as well as a good communicator. You know how to bring people together and how you can get the best from every employee. But you will also have an eye for that one key product detail, that will be somewhat less efficient on assembly, but which does add to the result.

Koen Lubbers

Voortman Steel Machinery and Voortman Steel Construction each have their own finance department. This is where cash is managed and monitored. Whether it involves some financial accounts, such as creditors, debtors and our colleagues’ timekeeping records or creating and updating reports. We are jacks of all trades! In addition, we are engaged in project control. So you will be closely involved in customer projects and will literally have control over budgets and cost items in the course of projects. This is a heavy responsibility as well as a fine challenge. In our role of Business Controllers, we are constantly engaged in producing incisive analyses and we provide substantial input and advice in (strategic) decision-making.

Floor Kompier & Matthew Milner

Are you studying structural, mechanical or electrical engineering, technical business studies or IT? Or are you studying something completely different, but which you think is able to make a great contribution to Voortman? At Voortman we are keen to meet young people like you: talent for the future.

Frank Demmer - Engineering

From small, relatively simple processing machinery to large complex machine lines: we devise, develop and build every Voortman machine entirely ourselves. As the Engineering department, we determine to a large extent ourselves what new machinery like this will look like.

Berry Beltman - Montage

Creating something together, something you can drive past again later on and can say with pride: “I helped build that”. That is the beauty of working in Assembly & Completion. Every morning we go to work again fully prepared. The materials we need are there ready for us. They are all marked so it is soon clear where each part needs to be attached. A material container in which you will find everything you need is also there ready on site. And most important: a great deal of attention is devoted to safety. If you enter the construction site without safety equipment then you will be tackled at once about it.

Tom Nijhof - Assemblage

As Assembly department employees we put into practice what our own Engineering departments have created. We build the most advanced and high-tech machinery for the steel-processing industry. We work on challenging projects requiring the necessary expertise.

Sietse Tempelman & Ramon Annen - Installation & Commissioning

Building something from nothing. That is what we do in the installation team. It kicks off with a (partially) empty hall and containers with one or more machines being delivered. We build the machines and set them up precisely. The Commissioning Engineer will ensure that the machine actually runs. In your Commissioning Engineer role, you set the machine up exactly in line with the customer’s process.

Giorgio Ramsaroep - Engineering

Every project completed at Voortman Steel Construction originates from the Engineering department. This is where ideas are given concrete form. The colour grey is definitely eliminated here: our Engineers and Designers put everything down in black and white. They lay the foundations for implementation. Are you curious about the project that was on your drawing board? Then take a short walk to the workshop to see ‘your project’ coming to life. That is the advantage of having everything in house.

Luuk van Rinsum - Productie

Thousands of tonnes of steel ship from our smart and up-to-date production facility every year. All our steel structures are fabricated in our own production workshops. You will be working together with your colleagues on the most complex projects. On one occasion you will be working on a smart industrial building or distribution centre, on others it will be an office or university campus. We make use of not only the best tools, but also the latest technologies and most up-to-date machinery.

Lars Bekhuis - Design and Build

We work on very wide-ranging projects. From a hyper modern office with warehouse to a machine shop or cement factory. Whether it is a hull or turnkey project, with either a steel or hybrid construction as a basis. The design and completion of the building come about in close consultation with our client. Realisation of high quality business premises is what we stand for together!

Robert Stegeman - Parts Manufacturing

Passionate about technology and expertise: that is what it is all about with us. In our department we build systems or parts of systems from raw materials. We do this as far as possible by utilising our own machinery. Our customers are mainly in-house departments at Voortman Steel Machinery and Voortman Steel Construction, but we supply our handling systems direct to the customer.

Maarten en Tim - Service & Maintenance

We work on very wide-ranging projects. From a hyper modern office with warehouse to a machine shop or cement factory. Whether it is a hull or turnkey project, with either a steel or hybrid construction as a basis. The design and completion of the building come about in close consultation with our client. Realisation of high quality business premises is what we stand for together!

Peter Lanting - Software Development

As Software Engineers, we see being implemented in house what we devise. At Voortman we actually do everything ourselves. From developing machinery, building it up to and including installation at the customer’s facility and subsequent service. We work on a tangible end product. We continue to be involved during the production process, we are keen to think collaboratively and share our knowledge whenever necessary.