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ABOUT voortman

Culture and values

The success of the Voortman Steel Group is based on entrepreneurialism. We always look for a suitable answer to a challenge rather than avoiding it. Our committed employees go for quality and possess expertise.

We are entrepreneurial

Voortman Steel Group has grown by tackling challenges and implementing ideas. It always starts for us by listening carefully to what our customers are asking of us. We draw up an overall plan and swing into action rapidly. We set out the frameworks and then get down to work together to implement the idea. And of course, not every plan is equally successful but we don’t let this daunt us. We look at what can be improved and learn from what didn’t go well. We actually feel responsibility for our work and are convinced that it can always be done better.

We like craftsmanship

Voortman Steel Group aims for the highest achievable quality in all its activities. This holds true for all parts of the organisation and at all levels, both internally and in respect of partners, suppliers and customers. We work constantly on improving our organisation, our products as well as how we work. The rapidly changing machinery manufacturing market requires flexibility from employees, systems and procedures. And in our steel construction role we are on a constant lookout for new working methods and automation for our processes. One of our conditions in this regard is: what we can do ourselves, we do in house. After all, our own people know the organisation best and know where we want to go.

We have a passion for technology

In response to our customers’ demands and needs, we work constantly on developing new products, improving our existing machinery and automating our internal processes. Thus, as a leading steel construction company, we are working on the company-wide implementation of BIM (Building Information Modelling) technology. As a machine manufacturer we are constantly seeking the technological boundaries by combining our expertise with new technologies. This provides us with many new insights. However, technology is not in itself a goal for us. For us it is about how we can convert it into user-friendly applications in our machinery.

We are committed

Not only do we supply high-quality products, we also intend to be a predictable and reliable partner. Our word is our bond. We are motivated to the core; we think collaboratively with our customers and are happy to go the extra mile for them. We treat our colleagues, customers and suppliers with respect. Our intention is to enter into a long-term partnership in all cases. We are convinced that sustainable relationships deliver benefits for both sides. Our employees are also loyal and committed, they feel a bond with our organisation. They are happy to go the extra mile to obtain the optimum result. We believe it is important that our employees are happy working for us and therefore feel responsible for their personal development, which we want to encourage as much as possible.

We work together

Hard work and job satisfaction are essential to our corporate culture. This has made us successful and will enable us to remain so. Nevertheless, we still stand with both feet planted firmly on the ground. In addition to creating high-end projects, there also room for personal interaction with us. The strength of Voortman Steel Group lies in our employees, who share their talents and knowledge with one another and want to gain experience. That is why we are open to one another’s ideas and help one another. We believe that an open and informal atmosphere is important in order to set a low threshold to enable experience and knowledge to be shared and to debate new ideas.