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Voortman Steel Machinery

Software Development

Building a machine or a production line is one thing, but actually getting it to run as well is at least as important. We rely on the Software Development department for this. We ensure that all individual components are controlled and work together. Our day-to-day work consists of, designing, developing and testing software. High-quality software that ensures that manual operation by the end-user are kept to a minimum. We are keeping up with the times and are therefore constantly on the lookout for even better and faster systems.

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Behind every machine lurks a software package that we have developed ourselves, VACAM. It is a component that you can’t see, but you will notice at once if it is not working. We work daily on this software platform. We use the most up-to-date technology in the fields of C#, WPF and PLC (TwinCAT). Our build line is made up with Visual Studio, Git and Jenkins. In short: we have the most up-to-date and the best tools at our disposal. This gives us the opportunity to innovate, to make our machinery even more user-friendly and to automate it to an even greater extent. In addition to this, we believe reliability is highly important. That is why we work with code reviews and set great store by (automated) testing.

As Software Engineers, we see being implemented in house what we devise. At Voortman we actually do everything ourselves. From developing machinery, building it up to and including installation at the customer’s facility and subsequent service. We work on a tangible end product. We continue to be involved during the production process, we are keen to think collaboratively and share our knowledge whenever necessary.


Our team consists of driven Software Engineers. A dedicated and enthusiastic group of people who are there for one another. We really are partners. We know where to find one another quickly and are happy to think collaboratively. We work in close collaboration with our Mechanical and Electrical Engineer colleagues in one room, bringing out the best in one another. You will be given space to develop yourself, both personally and in terms of your specialism. We are also keen to share our knowledge with one another: we organise lunch & learn sessions monthly, known as katas.

We know where to find one another outside work too. We like to be outdoors: going for a short walk or perhaps even going for a ride on a mountain bike during the lunch break are things we like doing! What’s more, we also have our communal coffee breaks and our departmental outings are always much appreciated. Accordingly, we make time for conviviality but are keen to roll up our sleeves again after it!

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