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As Assembly department employees we put into practice what our own Engineering departments have created. We build the most advanced and high-tech machinery for the steel-processing industry. We work on challenging projects requiring the necessary expertise.

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You can dream up something as wonderful as you like, but it must be feasible in practice. That is why we work in close collaboration with the Engineering department and we will be involved already in the design process for a new machine. We have the expertise and the passion to come back every day and work on assembling a machine from start to finish. The necessary tools and materials are laid out ready for us every day and we assemble modules following drawings into a complete machine such as a drill, saw or plate-cutting machine. We do this in pairs or with several colleagues. You will be working in a team on one machine at a time, we assemble both the mechanical and the electrical parts. You work with different power systems, such as pneumatics and hydraulics. Based on his expertise, each colleague makes an important contribution to the end product within the specified requirements and time. Which means you will complete the project with a satisfied feeling. The machine is ready to be tested. Time for another challenging project.


Once it has been assembled, the machine will be tested thoroughly. In your role as a Test Engineer, you will be responsible for testing and setting up the machine, so it actually does what the customer expects it to. You will check the assembled machine against the customer’s specifications and set the correct parameters. You will be breathing life into the machine! You will be aware of what machining operations the customer will be carrying out and you will perform production tests. The machine will not ship without your approval! In your role as a Test Engineer, you will be working independently a great deal, but you will also be conferring a great deal with the Assembly Engineers who have built the machine. You are also in regular contact with Field Service Engineers, who will be working at the customer’s facility on the machine you have tested!  


The beating heart of every machine is its electrical control cabinet. Our control cabinet production department deals with the production of these cabinets on a daily basis. The employees build the control panels which are mounted in the cabinets from scratch. We do everything ourselves: from the drilling of the holes, the mounting of the wiring gutters and parts, up to and including the placing of the panels in the cabinet. A special computer programme, E-Plan Pro-Panel, converts the design of the control panel into a 3D model. In this model the employee can see exactly which parts he/she needs, where he/she has to mount them and how the wiring should run. We work with the most advanced machinery, among which a machine that supplies the necessary wiring ready-to-use, also based on the 3D model. After we have thoroughly tested the panels, we mount them in the control cabinet, which is then ready to be connected to a machine or system.


Our warehouse is responsible for all incoming and outgoing goods in our organisation. It is a major linchpin. Not only engineering components come to mind, items such as coffee also come in via the Warehouse. Incoming goods are checked by Warehouse employees and then processed. We have a fully automated warehouse system at Voortman, this means you will always know where goods are located. You will ensure that the right materials are delivered to workplace, enabling your Assembly colleagues to get on with their work without any worries. In addition to this, you ensure that your Service and Maintenance colleagues will always set off to the customer with a well-stocked service van. Shipments of parts and tools to the customer are also arranged via the Warehouse. Not only will you ship the right part, you will also look after the correct packaging and consignment documentation. This can be quite a challenge at times, since the goods are shipped all over the world! 


Passionate about technology and expertise: that is what it is all about with us. If you have these two attributes, you will be successful in creating something great together with your colleagues. It is because we do it together: that is one thing that is certain. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience with one another and with other teams in the organisation. This ensures we get a little better every day. Not only does it bring about the best end result, it also creates job satisfaction, which is something we all believe to be very important. Voortman is a large company with all the opportunities that come with it. You will be working with many different technologies on different types of machine; you can head in any direction with us and we are open to personal development. At the same time, Voortman has a small-company mentality. This means nice and personal, caring for one another and doing, rather than reflecting too long. We like getting down to it. That is how we are! And it is appreciated not only by our employees but by our customers too.

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As Assembly department employees we put into practice what our own Engineering departments have created. We build the most advanced and high-tech machinery for the steel-processing industry. We work on challenging projects requiring the necessary expertise.

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