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Voortman Steel Construction

Procurement and Work Planning

The Procurement and Work Planning departments are an essential part of Voortman Steel Construction. We ensure that the components for our steel structures are always there on time, that our Production department is as well-prepared as possible and that the production process proceeds without a hitch.

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The Work Planning department is the link between the various disciplines at Voortman, including Project Management, Engineering and Production. We join the project team once Sales has sold a project and handed it over to the Project Manager responsible. In our Work Planners’ role, we manage the machines and find out what components are needed, when the steel needs to be manufactured, which machines we need to use, how many haulage units will be needed and when the steel needs to be galvanised or coated.

Once the steel has been delivered, production of the structures can start. As soon as the structure is ready, it will be loaded onto one of our own 28 trailers. Since our trailers are loaded efficiently, our drivers no longer need to wait; they can just drive with their consignment directly to one of the various coating companies. The consignment concerned can then be shipped onward from the coater to the construction site.

Our department has a diverse range of tasks. Everyone in Work Planning is a specialist in his or her own field! You will often be involved in multiple projects. Every project is unique: one will be large and another small. That is what makes our work so much fun and so varied!


We do everything that might be expected of a Procurement department: receiving quotations, comparing prices and ordering products in time is our daily bread and butter. We look after procurement of steel, coating and parts for machinery, tools and protective equipment. In every project we are part of the project team from start to finish. We also work in close collaboration with the Engineering department. They supply us with digital files, enabling us to purchase the right quantities of steel components.

We ensure that products are delivered at the right time. Entering into long-term agreements with suppliers and managing these relationships are also part of our job description.


We are a close-knit team, partly thanks to the rounds of darts during breaks and the Friday afternoon drink for those that feel like it. In addition to these, we also organise regular team(building) outings to get to know one another even better. Humour is very important for us in the department: we like having a laugh with and about one another, which generates a relaxed atmosphere. A convivial and boisterous club, but in a good way. We just like to be heard. But of course we are there when we need to be and everyone has enormous drive.

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