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Quality and Safety

‘We either work safely or not at all’ and ‘What we do, we do well’: these are two major slogans that recur daily in our company. We are unstinting with our people and our customers since they are of inestimable value to our company.

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Safety is something every employee at Voortman is committed to. All our employees should get home safe and sound after work to their evening meal. Accordingly, we have chosen to take our joint responsibility for safety rather than placing it on a single department. Safety is part of our day-to-day work and everyone in our company is imbued with it. We are not afraid of tackling one another is safety is in jeopardy.

We map out all the risks before a project starts and establish how we can control them. We repeat this anew for each project. We have developed a programme for this ourselves: Think Safe – Work Safe.

Safety is therefore secured throughout the organisation and within each project. In addition, there are Safety Experts at Voortman who ensure that safety receives the attention it deserves within our company. Things they do include keeping up with regulations and legislation, constantly seeking improvements, conducting concept analyses and risk assessments, performing safety tests and audits and organising toolbox meetings.


Customers acquire a product with certain expectations. This applies both to internal customers (other departments) and external customers. It is our job to map out the expectations properly and ensure that customers ultimately get what they asked for as well. Our Quality department provides support in this.

What is more, they are committed to structural improvement throughout the entire company. Their operation transcends projects.  If an improvement has been put through in a project from which other projects can also benefit, then it will be shared. Quality is also assured by recording as much as possible on paper and making it available to everyone. By doing so, we take our product quality to an ever higher level.

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