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Making a contribution to the development of Voortman: we have various support departments that are engaged in doing so on a daily basis. What comes to mind? Among other things, we ensure a warm welcome to our organisation, but we also have specialists in areas such as finance, HR and maintaining and managing our ICT network. I.e. a wide range, but all our disciplines are interwoven.

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Voortman Steel Machinery and Voortman Steel Construction each have their own finance department. This is where cash is managed and monitored. Whether it involves some financial accounts, such as creditors, debtors and our colleagues’ timekeeping records or creating and updating reports. We are jacks of all trades! In addition, we are engaged in project control. So you will be closely involved in customer projects and will literally have control over budgets and cost items in the course of projects. This is a heavy responsibility as well as a fine challenge. In our role of Business Controllers, we are constantly engaged in producing incisive analyses and we provide substantial input and advice in (strategic) decision-making.


In our HR team we work in collaboration with multiple disciplines, what we have in common is that the organisation as well as the people who work in it are close to our hearts and you can sense it. We make every effort daily for our colleagues, for instance by giving advice on training and development, as well as constantly keeping an eye on legislation and regulations. It is not only our current colleagues who are important to us – so are our future ones. We collaborate with various colleges in generating enthusiasm for engineering and our company. We are on the lookout every day for the best additions to our teams. What is more, we will ensure that you will be well received as a new colleague. A comprehensive tour and introductory package will be part of this in all cases.


Maintaining and managing our ICT network is of essential importance in our company! Our ICT specialists are engaged in making our network and our data secure: what do we do with our data and where do we store it? In addition, we look after all hardware and software in the organisation. We are also responsible for issuing and managing all laptops and mobile phones. This enables new colleagues to start their first day on the right foot. We give them an account with all the requisite licences and apps. If our colleagues run into any problems, they can take them to our ICT help desk! In short, we are expert in all ICT-related matters.

We work with many automated systems in our organisations. All these applications need to be maintained. We have a Business Services team which is engaged on a daily basis in ongoing development of our applications. As technical specialists, we are constantly on the lookout for improvements in our industrial processes. We constantly ask ourselves how we can make our colleagues’ work even easier or achieve cost savings for example. Having a great deal of knowledge in-house enables us to switch quickly.


Welcome to Voortman! We will be the ones to welcome you when you visit us. We are literally Voortman’s calling card as well as the first face our guests see on arrival. We ensure a warm welcome – all our reception desks are manned – and escort every guest to the relevant colleague. What is more, we man our telephone lines continuously to assist callers with their enquiries. We also carry out various support tasks, such as scheduling appointments, managing diaries and performing administrative activities. Perhaps you haven’t been to our office but have called Voortman, in which case we have probably met already by phone!


We look after the organisation in the broadest sense of the word. We have our own in-house cleaning staff. They know exactly what standard we require and ensure that our offices look spick and span every day. We also have a colleague who is responsible for our vehicle fleet. He manages cars and maintenance vans which includes getting these vehicles maintained. Our Driver drives one of these fine vehicles, his duties include chauffeuring our customers to and from their desired locations. Feel like a cup of coffee or tea? We make sure the vending machines are fully stocked throughout the day. What’s more, we regulate the climate in our buildings, to ensure that it is neither too hot for you during the summer nor too cold in winter! We will also see to it that as a new colleague, you are given the appropriate work clothing and that you can access all the areas where you need to be. We thus ensure that our colleagues are able to carry out their work properly on a daily basis.

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