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Voortman Steel Machinery

Procurement and Work Planning

The Procurement and Work Planning departments are an essential part of Voortman Steel Machinery. We ensure that a machine can be assembled on time with the right parts and can finally ship to the customer!

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The Work Planning department is the link between the various disciplines at Voortman, including Sales and Production. Once Sales has sold a product, the order description will be sent to us. The Work Planners will get down to work on it. They check out what parts are needed, how many and when they need to be received and what they should cost. The Buyers then take over from us, but our Scheduler keeps track of the schedule so Production can start assembling the machine on time. The machine can then ship to the customer!

We are also an important link between Engineering and Procurement. We ensure by means of work sequences, production parts lists and production documentation such as drawings that the design of the machinery is made production-ready.

Our department has a diverse range of tasks. Everyone in Work Planning is therefore a specialist in his or her own field!


No two days are the same in the Procurement department: every day we encounter something that makes this work so challenging. This is a good thing, since we believe it is important that you should enjoy your work every day!

We do everything that might be expected of a Procurement department: receiving quotations, comparing prices and ordering products in time is our daily bread and butter. We ensure that products are delivered at the right time. Entering into long-term agreements with suppliers and managing these relationships are also part of our job description. What is more, we are involved in R&D projects to promote speed of developments and to monitor throughput time and the procurement budget. In addition to our day-to-day activities, we are also working hard on process optimisation and we are always looking for anything that can be done even better!


We are a close-knit team, partly thanks to the rounds of table tennis during breaks and the Friday afternoon drink for those that feel like it. In addition to these, we also organise regular team(building) outings to get to know one another even better. And for devotees… there is always something to eat in our department! We have our own biscuit rota, in which every Friday someone else looks after the biscuits. A convivial and boisterous club, but in a good way. We just like to be heard. But of course we are there when we need to be and everyone has an enormous drive.

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