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Voortman Steel Construction

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Complicated structures or building on an awkward site: where other companies would rather say ‘no’, this fires up our enthusiasm. Making a success of the most awkward projects: this has become a speciality for us over the years. And perhaps we are just as satisfied as the customer when it goes on ultimately to succeed. Our Sales & Marketing staff are tasked with bringing the Voortman message to the attention to (potential) customers, wherever they might be in the world.

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Voortman Steel Construction is a fast-growing player in the construction industry. We have brought the most challenging and complex projects to a successful conclusion, but how do we bring this message to the attention of potential customers? Our Sales, Sales Engineering and Marketing departments endeavour to familiarise customers with Voortman already at the orientation phase. By putting out well-thought-out and targeted advertising via websites, social media, e-mail shots and various campaigns, we strive to engage customers right from the orientation stage. The Sales team will make the contact more personal in the follow-up stages and commit them to is in order ultimately to build a great project together.

This project will start in the Sales department. That is where the first personal contact with the customer takes place. The Sales department consists of expert staff who are commercially aware but who also have the necessary structural knowledge. Is there a match with the customer in structural, operational, personal and commercial terms? If so, we get down to work to firm up the existing ideas.

We will think collaboratively about the customer’s building process. As early as the calculation phase, even before issuing the quotation, we go through the entire project together with our (Sales) Engineers in order to flag up opportunities for optimisation and cost savings and eliminate risks. Together with the client and our structural specialists we draw up an action plan tailored to each project. In it we also include a detailed schedule for implementation for items including the steel structure, in which we ensure it will fit in seamlessly with the overall project schedule. We always put the interest of the customer are the forefront in this and do our absolute best to meet the schedule which has been set.

Our work does not stop once the project has been handed over to the Project Management department; we maintain contact with our client during the build process until the project has been completed: we assess the entire process with the customer to see which items can be done even better the next time and to ensure that the client is 100% satisfied. Our aim is to enter into a long-term partnership. We want to be the partner to whom clients are happy return for the next project.


The Sales, Sales Engineering and Marketing departments work closely together and are also in close proximity. Some of them are often on the road visiting (potential) customers. Others carry out office-based support activities. They need each other to ensure that customers will ultimately come back to Voortman and to be able to fulfil the project for them.

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