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Voortman Steel Machinery

Parts Manufacturing

Passionate about technology and expertise: that is what it is all about with us. In our department we build systems or parts of systems from raw materials. We do this as far as possible by utilising our own machinery. Our customers are mainly in-house departments at Voortman Steel Machinery and Voortman Steel Construction, but we supply our handling systems direct to the customer.

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In the Handling department we manufacture handling systems: these systems provide the steel material infeed to and delivery from the customer’s production process in combination with our machinery. The roller conveyors and cross-transfer units ensure that the material is delivered to a machine at the right moment for processing and subsequently taken off at the right point. These systems are assembled mechanically as well as electrically. We also look after welding and coating the systems. In your role as a fitter, you will be given a complete information pack, you will be working on the product on the basis of the order and the drawings. The length of time we take over a handling system will depend on the size and length of the system. One customer might need a large system which we would be working on for two weeks, whereas another might need a smaller system which we could complete in a week. Once they are ready, handling systems will ship directly to the customer, as well as machines which have been built by the Assembly department and tested ready for shipment. 


Welding structural parts for our machines is what our Construction department does. A team of assemblers and welders ensures on a daily basis that the machinery we develop and manufacture is provided with a robust structure. Our customers carry out heavy steel processes with our machines, this means that our structural parts need to be configured robustly. We weld structural steel utilising MIG/MAG welding technology. There is a great deal of variation on the products you will be welding, no two days are the same. You could be working for an hour on one occasion, but sometimes you will be working for several weeks on another end product. If the product is welded, it will often go to a subcontractor for post-treatment. The nice thing about it is that when you are wandering through our Assembly department workshop later on, you will be able to see the structural parts you have welded standing there. 


We have a particular role as the Cutting department, we actually supply both Voortman Steel Machinery and Voortman Steel Construction. We process steel plates using plate-processing machines developed in-house by Voortman. Accordingly, we supply top and bottom end-plates for steel structures, as well as structural parts for our own machinery. We work in two shifts in order to maximise utilisation of our machinery. As an Operator, you will be ensuring that the machinery is able to keep on running continuously and the various internal departments are supplied with the right products in a timely manner. It is a challenge every time to run production as efficiently as possible; we are constantly seeking to create a balance between maximum output while consuming the least possible quantities of materials and numbers of hours. 


The various processes that take place in Parts Manufacturing also require a great many logistical movements. In the Warehouse we ensure that the flow of goods proceeds smoothly. We prepare incoming goods such as raw materials and purchased parts, ready for the various departments. It is important that the materials should be in the right place at the right time so colleagues do not have to wait before they can get on with the next project. All products made in Parts Manufacturing are shipped from the factory via us. This is not only how we arrange shipments to customers, but we also ensure that products for post-treatment are delivered to the post-treatment contractor at the right time. We are on the go the whole day to keep everything on the right track. We are not satisfied unless everything is running smoothly!


Working with metal keeps us busy on a daily basis. Our employees are happy to roll up their sleeves, true experts who are passionate about their work. Although we have many different disciplines in our department, we work together in one production hall: collaborating, learning from one another and helping one another where necessary. Experienced instructors and employees who have yet to learn the trade, together we ensure that we have and retain sufficient in-house knowledge, not only for the present but also for the future. That is what we believe to be important in Voortman. You will be given plenty of space to develop with us. We know about getting down to it but we also believe it is important that we enjoy one another’s company. We also make time every now and then for a little joke while we are at it. Because if you enjoy what you are doing and you feel at home in your working environment, then together we will deliver the best products for our customers!

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