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Voortman Steel Machinery

Product Management

We do it all at Voortman Steel Machinery: from small machinery to supplying complete product lines. Our employees in the Product Management department closely follow technological developments and the sectors in which we operate. We ask ourselves continually how we can provide for our customers’ needs even better. We listen carefully to our customers and together we arrive at great systems. Our challenge consists of automating production processes and achieving maximum output for our customers.

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We are developing increasingly from a traditional machinery manufacturer to a total supplier of automated production lines. Our Product Management department is engaged in developing new products and improving the current product range. Not only are we increasing the depth of our understanding of the wishes of (potential) customers, we are also keeping a close watch on the competition. Therefore, continuous improvement is of great importance to us.

The Product Manager monitors and analyses new technological developments and translates them into new machinery to be developed or ongoing development of existing machinery. In this regard, we listen carefully to existing customers’ needs. We know the sector and know what the customer wants. On the other hand, we are also constantly looking out for possibilities in sectors where we are less well known. Each sector requires a different approach and has different needs. We develop product roadmaps based on the market and customer need. Our Product Managers work in close collaboration with our Engineering department to translate a customer need into concrete developments.

Each Product Manager has his own specialism. With all the in-house technical stock-in-trade our Product Managers have access to, you will also be making a major contribution to supporting Sales Managers. We are keen to look at the possibilities together with the customer. This sometimes requires customer-specific modifications. In your Product Manager role, you will investigate together with the Sales Manager which product best meets the customer’s requirements. In order to enhance colleagues’ knowledge level, we also hold regular product training sessions. Product Management plays an important role in determining the future of our company and our customers. Offering machinery that answers the needs of our customers is what we aim for every day.


Our Product Managers are a major linchpin within our organisation, which is why we also have flexible workstations. This means you will be sitting regularly in the Sales & Marketing office conferring on how to attract new customers. On other days you will switch to Engineering to discuss functionalities for new machinery to be developed. We keep our lines of communication short so we are able to arrive jointly at the development of machinery that meets the needs of our customers.

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