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Voortman Steel Machinery


From small, relatively simple processing machinery to large complex machine lines: we devise, develop and build every Voortman machine entirely ourselves. As the Engineering department, we determine to a large extent ourselves what new machinery like this will look like. We do this with a group of enthusiastic engineers who collaborate intensively within and outside the department. But we certainly don’t do it alone. Every department within Voortman thinks collaboratively. This enables us to develop machines that not only function as required, but which can also be manufactured, installed and operated efficiently. 

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Once we are tasked with a new product development, we will assemble a project team. In doing so, we take account not only of the knowledge required, but also of our colleagues’ wishes. In this way we ensure that our work remains varied and challenging. In a project team you would be working in collaboration with Mechanical, Electrical and Software Engineers, led by a Project Lead and a Lead Engineer. Under the Lead Engineer's leadership, the team will work out the functional operation and specifications of the new machine. Next, each discipline will get down to work on it. The Mechanical Engineer will draw and design the components and assemblies. The Electrical Engineer will start creating the electrical diagrams and the Hardware Engineering. The Software Engineer will look after the machine control systems. We work in close mutual collaboration and utilise the latest tools for the optimum result. The entire engineering process runs literally from the first sketch to a correctly-operating machine in the market. We challenge our engineers to reflect, in addition to the technology and required functionality, on aspects such as cost and manufacturability as well. This gives your work an added dimension and encourages wide-ranging collaboration. You certainly will not be sitting at a desk all day. Our engineers can be found regularly in the workshop, in other offices or sometimes even on site at a customer or supplier.


In addition to developing new machinery, as Engineering we are responsible for maintaining the existing inventory of machines.  Mechanical and Electrical Engineers work jointly on continuously improving our machinery. As an engineer in the Product Support department, you will be kept busy implementing changes and carrying out maintenance. The latter means that existing machines will be optimised regularly. The aim is not only achieving cost savings, but also replacing components that are obsolete or adding new functionalities for example. Should a problem occur at the customer’s facility that cannot be resolved by our own Support or Service department, then the Product Support team will swing into action.


We work in multidisciplinary project teams and are closely involved with one another while doing so. We give feedback to and learn from one another. Our Research & Development and Product Support teams work together in one room. The flexible layout enables us to confer with one another quickly and put our heads together when necessary. We are a dynamic team with a high level of ambition. Accordingly, we grasp a challenge with both hands and always find a solution together. We work hard and are proud of what we do but we don’t forget to enjoy ourselves. We engage in activities together, not only at work but also alongside work.

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