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Voortman Steel Machinery

Project Management

The acquisition of a new machine is a substantial investment. Whether it is a small machine for a one-man business or integrated systems for a multinational: we complete every project with the greatest of care. The Project Management department is responsible for all customer projects. We are not satisfied until the machine line is working at its optimum. If not, we would rather not hand the machine line over. And once a project has been completed? Then we ensure that it is transferred in good order to our colleagues in Customer Service.

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An important task for the Project Manager is to bring the customer’s expectations into sharp focus and monitor them throughout the entire process, such that the customer gets the exact machine he envisaged. In your Project Manager role you will be building up a relationship with the customer. You will be dealing with each other from the signing of the contract to the machine handover. After the Sales process you will be guiding the project through the various phases; from project engineering and assembly to installation and commissioning on location at the customer’s facility.

An impeccable handover, a machine line working at its optimum to the customer’s satisfaction and a good project result for Voortman: these are the objectives that you will be keeping sight of throughout the entire project. As to how you achieve them, you will be given the necessary freedom in doing so. This increases job satisfaction and, what’s more, brings about the best results. It allows plenty of space for new ideas. More than that: it is what we expect of you! We are having to deal with a rapidly changing environment. In your Project Manager role, you will be monitoring the market closely and you will know better than anyone else how you can respond to it.


The scope, complexity, the customer and the international context are different in every project. That is what makes the job so varied. Our team consists of several Project Managers. Together we ensure that all our customer projects turn out successfully. In your Project Manager role, collaboration is very important for you as you will be dealing with virtually every department in the organisation. You will ensure that everyone is on the same page. You know how to motivate your colleagues, ensuring that all disciplines, knowledge and skills come together at the right time for the optimum project result.

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