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Field Service

Our Field Service Engineers are our adventurous people. Techies who travel all over the world. We might be working on a machine in an industrial building in the middle of the desert on one occasion and a week later you will be standing all of a sudden with your feet in the snow. In your Field Service Engineer role you are an ambassador for Voortman. You are the face to the outside world. We have various disciplines in our Field Service: Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance and Service.

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Building something from nothing. That is what we do in the installation team. It kicks off with a (partially) empty hall and containers with one or more machines being delivered. We build the machines and set them up precisely. This involves being away for periods which are usually around three weeks. We interact with one another intensively during these periods. We work together, eat together and stay in the same hotel. We are also in close contact with the customer. Together we ensure that the machine or machine line takes shape. And once it has all been completed successfully, we will be on our way home with a feeling of accomplishment. You will often be at home for a week after a job before going on to the next project.


The machine is standing there thanks to the installation team. The Commissioning Engineer will ensure that the machine actually runs. In your Commissioning Engineer role, you set the machine up exactly in line with the customer’s process. With your laptop connected to the machine, you will ensure that everything is adjusted down to the last detail and that the machines work together optimally as one system. On small projects you will be doing this alone, on larger projects there will be two or three of you travelling together. You will be going into the customer’s production process in depth, it is important for a correct set-up that you know exactly how the process should work. You will often be training the customer’s operators on location. You will have finished the job in around three weeks. You shake the customer's hand and board the plane or get into your car satisfied. After a week at home you will be off again on the next project.


In your role as a Maintenance Engineer, you will be ensuring that each machine is kept in prime condition. You will have a thorough knowledge of our machines and the associated, often complex, technologies. You carry out periodic maintenance so the customer is able to carry on with the production process without any problems. Maintenance visits are scheduled far in advance so you know exactly where you stand. You will be on location for one to five days, depending on the size of the job. You will be working alone or with a small team. Your ability to work independently is therefore a requirement.


Service is definitely the most unpredictable discipline in the Field Engineers department. Nothing can be scheduled in advance. A problem arises and the customer needs help at once. As a Service Engineer not only do you need to be well-versed technically, you must also be able to cope with panic and stress. You will inspire trust in the customer. And thanks to your creativity and technical knowledge, you will be capable of getting the machine up and running quickly. Once you have managed this, you will often be held up as a hero by the customer.


Our Field Service Engineers are experts in heart and soul. They are familiar with our machinery and its associated components through and through. They are the outward face of Voortman. As a Field Service Engineer, you have an adventurous outlook and travel all over the world. We also believe it is important that you should set off on your travels well prepared. We will ensure that you have the requisite knowledge of the country where you are going and what the etiquette and customs are. You will be travelling to the most unusual places in the world.

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