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Voortman Steel Construction


Every project completed at Voortman Steel Construction originates from the Engineering department. This is where ideas are given concrete form. The colour grey is definitely eliminated here: our Engineers and Designers put everything down in black and white. They lay the foundations for implementation. Are you curious about the project that was on your drawing board? Then take a short walk to the workshop to see ‘your project’ coming to life. That is the advantage of having everything in house.

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We come together in our roles of Project Engineers and Structural Engineers to form the Engineering department. We each have our own expertise and know where to find one another if we need advice. And each one of us has a number of projects under his wing. We work in project teams on every project. We sit down together at a very early stage to share our insights and make use of our areas of expertise. We know where to find one another throughout the entire duration of the project. And we don’t just mean our colleagues: the architect and the contractor are also part of the project team. We achieve the best results together.

From steel structures to total designs: everything comes our way. We work with programs such as Tekla, IDEA, DLUBAL Rfem and Technosoft. Increasingly far-reaching automation enables us to work even more efficiently. BIM has meant that we are able to visualise our projects even better. At Voortman we are keen to take the lead where developments in our sector are concerned. We aim to bring out the best in ourselves. This enables us to maintain job satisfaction and provide our customers with the quality we envisage.


The Engineering department consists of a mixed group of people. And that is precisely the strength of our department. We are all different, which is what makes us so strong as a team. We know one another’s strengths and use them too. We are highly driven and don’t hesitate to ask one another for advice in order to arrive at the best result. There is room to grow. Are you keen to develop in a specific field? If so, you will be supported wholeheartedly in doing so. You will be given no end of opportunities at Voortman: you just need to spot them yourself and dare to grasp them.

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