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Voortman Steel Construction

Project Management

In your Project Manager role you will be the kingpin of every project. You will look after operational, financial and technical control. You will be well-versed technically as well as a good communicator. You know how to bring people together and how you can get the best from every employee. But you will also have an eye for that one key product detail, that will be somewhat less efficient on assembly, but which does add to the result.

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Regardless of whether it is just steel erection, the entire building shell or even the complete building: every project starts with the first contact with the customer. Next, you will be organising a kick-off meeting with the project team. Together with them, you will define the objective and ensure that everyone is on the same page. A good project team is largely self-managing. They will know exactly what they need to do and also input ideas on how it can be done better and/or more efficiently. As the project lead, you will give them the space to do so, but a difficult decision needs to be made; in which case it will be up to you to cut through the Gordian knot. Furthermore, you will chair project team deliberations, maintain close contact with the members of your team, you will be found regularly in assembly and will be the first point of contact for the customer. A customer you can consider as a partner rather than on the other side. That is how we work at Voortman.


We are a project-driven organisation. In your Project Manager role, you will be putting together a project team in consultation with departmental heads. This will be a team that is tailored to bring the assignment in question to a fine conclusion. A team in which members complement one another in terms of knowledge and skills. Our employees are used to looking beyond their own remit. To use a football analogy: forwards need to defend as well.

We support one another as a project team, but we also tackle one another on matters that can be improved. We do this with a positive mindset. As the Project Manager, you will ensure that everyone feels comfortable and secure in the team. Making a mistake is no big deal. As long as it is subsequently resolved together and does not adversely affect the end result. The optimum result for the customer and for Voortman – nothing less will do. And once that one challenging project to which everyone has given their all has been completed successfully? Then we will celebrate together because there is room for that too at Voortman.

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