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Voortman Steel Machinery

Sales and Marketing

From relatively minor machine installations to complex machine lines, at Voortman Steel Machinery we believe that each and every need, wish or question from the customer matters. Where other companies would rather say ‘no’, with us they stoke our enthusiasm and our brains start working flat out. Making a success of every project, from minor installations to major complex machine lines: this has become a speciality for us over the years. And perhaps we are just as satisfied as the customer when it goes on ultimately to succeed. Our colleagues in the Sales and Marketing departments are tasked in this regard with bringing Voortman to the attention of (potential) customers and provide them with optimum guidance and advice in the entire process, wherever they might be in the world.

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We are one of the leading players in the international market. We have made a success of the most challenging and complex projects, in which Sales and Marketing have played a significant role. Our Sales Managers, Sales Engineers and Marketing specialists aim to provide optimum guidance and consultancy in order to create a great project together.

By putting out well-thought-out and targeted advertising via websites, social media, e-mail shots, exhibitions and various campaigns, Marketing strives to engage customers right from the orientation phase. The sales team will make the contact more personal and concrete in the follow-up stages. Our sales team consists of Sales Engineers and Area Sales Managers who are responsible for specific regions around the world. Our Sales Managers are characterised by their developed commercial sense combined with product and market knowledge.

The Sales Manager assesses the customer’s needs and challenges and gives advice on how to achieve the right objectives. Sales Engineering can get down to work once a clear picture has been obtained of which products are the answer. They issue our customers with clear and meticulous quotations. In addition, they also provide technical drawings based on our products, the location details and our customer’s facilities.

Our consultancy will continue even after our customers have put the chosen systems and products into service. After all, together with our customer, we will have set an objective in advance and it is in our interest that objectives should be achieved. The system we offer consists not only of products, it is also packaged with operational skills and knowledge of the overall process. Precisely because our Sales Managers are constantly exposed to these markets, they are able to share knowledge and bring customers up to our level. We aim for sustainable partnerships in which we keep on monitoring and supporting our customers. This often results in follow-on projects.


Our Sales and Marketing teams work in close collaboration and share their knowledge and experience in a communal work space. Where Sales Managers often visit their customers around the whole world, they are supported by Marketing and our Sales Engineers from the local office. These teams back one another up and in doing so arrive at great projects in which we may be installing a fine single machine or an entire machine line. They also look for close collaboration in this with our Sales & Marketing colleagues abroad in countries such as Russia, the US, France, Poland and Australia.

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