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Voortman Steel Construction

Assembly and Completion

Creating something together, something you can drive past again later on and can say with pride: “I helped build that”. That is the beauty of working in Assembly & Completion. Every morning we go to work again fully prepared. The materials we need are there ready for us. They are all marked so it is soon clear where each part needs to be attached. A material container in which you will find everything you need is also there ready on site. And most important: a great deal of attention is devoted to safety. If you enter the construction site without safety equipment then you will be tackled at once about it. We either work safely or not at all.

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We set off every morning in our company bus to the construction site. Each team has its own bus. We have a cup of coffee together, discuss the activities and targets for the day and get down to work. If you are really tenacious and want to go far: then steel construction may well be something for you. From bolted to welded joints: you build it! It might be a small beam this time, next time you may need three cranes. No two days are the same! If you prefer precision work you can put your talent to good use in cladding work. This is the visual part of our work, in which you get to deal with wide-ranging details of all kinds. This means customisation in which you can give free rein to your creativity.

We believe quality is important and keep close track of new developments. Every foreman has a laptop at his disposal on which he can view the BIM model. He directs his colleagues from this model. We involve our assemblers in the BIM model increasingly often in the preliminary process, from a fresh and practical viewpoint. In this way we provide a flexible build process and the optimum end result.

We work on wide-ranging projects throughout the Netherlands and sometimes beyond. From a bicycle shed to a university building, not job is too small or too big. We schedule a kick-off meeting in the office before every project. We check out the BIM model, discuss the step-by-step plan and the H&S plan. Every assembler knows what he is doing himself but also understands what others are doing on site. We work together towards the end product.


We work as far as possible in set teams, consisting of a Foreman and two Assemblers. Close-knit teams, who are optimally matched to one another and for whom one word is enough. We work on wide-ranging projects, sometimes close to home and sometimes somewhat further away. If travel time is somewhat longer, then a team can opt for a four-day working week.  This means work four somewhat longer days with the benefit that you will have Friday off. Additional benefits are: an overnight allowance and a generous meal allowance. We provide good and smart accommodation in a chalet in a holiday park or in a hotel.

We give every new colleague a chance. We quite understand that it will take longer than one day to settle in. Our instructors give new recruits to the trade the guidance they require. This is an investment from our side and we think it is only logical. It is also to our benefit that you should feel at home as soon as possible at Voortman and grow to become a professional in your specialism.

The Assembly & Completion department employs around twenty people. Hard workers while at the same time people who like enjoying themselves together. We organise a team outing with an activity twice a year. And perhaps a convivial get-together for a drink and a nice meal too on a Friday or just spontaneously – this is something we like doing as a team!

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