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Voortman Steel Construction


Thousands of tonnes of steel ship from our smart and up-to-date production facility every year. All our steel structures are fabricated in our own production workshops. You will be working together with your colleagues on the most complex projects. On one occasion you will be working on a smart industrial building or distribution centre, on others it will be an office or university campus. We make use of not only the best tools, but also the latest technologies and most up-to-date machinery. Our production facility boasts a range of automated machinery and the Voortman Fabricator: a fully automated welding system.

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We do like a challenge at Voortman. When it gets too difficult for others, we like to have a go. Unusual projects come along regularly. As an example of this, we have worked on a large (tropical) glasshouse for a zoological garden, international projects and high-rise projects over 60 metres high. Each of them in turn an unusual and complex project.

Projects are always preceded by a review. What will we be doing? What do we need to look out for? Which welding grade is required? These are all questions that we go through so everyone is fully informed. There is plenty of room for thinking collaboratively. As the specialist, you will be the one carrying out the work. You view our products from quite a different perspective to that of our colleagues in the office. At Voortman we back one another up and are happy to confer together.

Our production workshop is equipped with a fully automated range of machinery from our sister company Voortman Steel Machinery. These machines are controlled directly from the 3D model and by our Machine Operator. As soon as the steel rolls off the steel line and is sawn, drilled, trimmed or marked, it is taken to the welding shop. After that, the parts will carry on being assembled and finish-welded by you or one of your colleagues.

We use scanners throughout the entire process and or welding coordinator conducts quality checks to ensure that the structure meets all the requirements. We work together towards a single common goal: to deliver a high-quality product to our customer. As soon as the steel has been approved and given a coating, we deliver the structure to the building site.


Our team consists of driven and enthusiastic Welders, Assemblers and Operators who are keen to roll up their sleeves. We do a great deal of precision and manual work. As colleagues, we check one another’s work. Individual responsibility is therefore of a high order at Voortman.

We believe it doesn’t matter too much whether or not you have experience. Your motivation: that is what it is all about. If you are motivated, we will be happy to take the time to train you. We have accredited instructors who take a great deal of pleasure in teaching others the tricks of the trade. This is how we safeguard our expertise for the future.

Are you already working at Voortman and would you like to pursue your development? There is plenty of opportunity for that too. We believe it is important that you should enjoy your work, which means you will be at your best. If we can contribute to this, we will be only too happy to do so!

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