1. The brothers Voortman started a business in a barn on a farm in Middeldijk in Rijssen.
  2. After Gerrit Voortman joined the H. Voortman & Co. company in 1970, it quickly developed into a mechanising company that soon burst at the seams.
  3. The company moved from Middeldijk to Nijverheidsstraat on the De Mors industrial site. An office and production premises were built on site.
  4. Voortman started with the design and construction of steel structures.
  5. Two separate companies were found: one for mechanical construction (Voortman Automatisering) and one for steel structures (Voortman Staalbouw). Both companies grew apart from each other and as a result of this growth, more buildings and land was purchased.
  6. In 1980, Technisch Bureau Voortman expanded to include Conservering Rijssen BV, the third working company.
  7. Voortman expanded in 1996 to include the working company Voortman Deutschland. An important benefit of this steel construction branch in Thüringen was the strengthening of the opposition position on the German market.
  8. Since 1995, 'Automatisering' (Automation) has only concentrated on CNC controlled machines for the steel construction sector. This specialisation proved fruitful; the company continued growing steadily. Just after the turn of the century, in the spring of 2000, Voortman Automatisering moved to new business premises on the industrial site in Plaagslagen.
  9. In 2002, Gerrit transferred the four operating companies to his two sons, Jan and Mark. He kept control of the Holding company, Technisch Bureau Voortman.
  10. In 2003, a branch of Voortman Automatisering was opened in England, close to Birmingham: Voortman UK.
  11. Time also didn't stand still at Voortman Staalbouw. Three years after the departure of its sister company, Automatisering, Staalbouw also moved to new and well designed premises at the Plaagslagen industrial site. In addition, 'Voortman Dak en Wand' was founded to supply and assemble roof and wall sheeting.
  12. Voortman Automatisering opent een partnerbedrijf in Chicago, de Verenigde Staten: Voortman USA. Dit partnerbedrijf bedient klanten in Noord-, Midden- en Zuid-Amerika.
  13. Thanks to the international exchange rate, Voortman Automatisering has since grown so much, various expansions are required in the production area. In 2005, the hall was expanded by 3000 m2 and in 2006, a new hall was built on 10.000 m2 land. In 2006, 16000 m2 land was also purchased.
  14. Voortman Automatisering opened a subsidiary in Asia: Voortman South East Asia.
  15. Because of the specific way of doing business in Russia and CIS countries, Voortman opened a new subsidiary in Russia: Voortman Russia.
  16. Voortman Staalbouw (Steel Construction) added a new business unit: Europe Coating. The company specialises in surface treatment/anti-corrosion treatments of steel structures for both steel construction and machine building.
  17. Voortman Automatisering gets a new international name: Voortman Steel Machinery
  18. Voortman took over Maschinenfabrik Bach. A completely new market is opened with the acquisition: the sheet working industry.
  19. The Voortman Steel Group launches a new corporate identity. All companies from now on, will use the same holding-logo and the same colours to strengthen the unity and identity.
  20. Voortman opens the state-of-the-art Experience Centre, equipped with a machinery showroom and training facilities.
  21. Voortman Steel Machinery opened a subsidiary in Asia: Voortman India.
  22. To strengthen the unity, Voortman Staalbouw merged with Voortman Dak en Wand under one new name: Voortman Steel Construction.

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