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News - 08 May, 2019

Work placement or graduation project at Voortman?

The end of the academic year is slowly coming into view and you are probably already looking for a challenging and educational work placement or graduation project for next year. If so, we have good news for you! From September we will once again be offering all kinds of attractive options if you are interested in a work placement or graduation project. We are looking for enthusiastic students who are keen to make a contribution to our organisation.

Are you studying structural, mechanical or electrical engineering, technical business studies or IT? Then you can’t go wrong with Voortman! Or are you studying something completely different, but think you could make a significant contribution to Voortman? We offer various work placements and graduation projects and you are sure to find something of interest to you.

Graduation projects at Voortman

As an MBO, HBO, or WO [vocational secondary education, higher professional education or university level] student you can undertake all manner of different graduation projects at Voortman. Do you have an interesting idea of your own that you think could make a contribution to our organisation? If so, we would love to hear it! We offer a very diverse range of graduation projects. Ruben’s, for example, involves redesigning our cutting tables. He explains: “At the moment Voortman still buys in some of its cutting tables. I am looking into whether the organisation could possibly make these itself. It has been a really educational project that has also given me a taste of the business world.” Another student working on a graduation project is Mahmoud, who is researching ways to make certain processes more efficient. Mahmoud, structural engineering student: “I got talking to Voortman via LinkedIn. I think it’s important that my research actually makes a contribution to the organisation and we came up with a suitable research project together. I am looking into how we could link information to a 3D model, what the client would need for this and how it would benefit Voortman as a subcontractor. Voortman has given me freedom to decide how to go about this and it’s working really well.”