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News - 04 June, 2019

Project at a glance: Royal Bodewes

This project, involving around 700 tonnes of steel in total, can be regarded as unusual and challenging in a number of respects. It is characterised by the use of a central lattice truss. This truss, weighing 65 tonnes and measuring 39 metres in length, was delivered by ship and then mounted onto columns at a height of 26 metres. To ensure the truss would fit seamlessly into the structure, a great deal of care was taken when erecting the columns. The final measurement showed a deviation of just 1 millimetre. Our people were therefore able to manoeuvre this colossal construction into position quickly and easily.

Their involvement did not end with the installation of the truss. The hall is being  constructed complete with roof and wall cladding, skylights and 18-metre-high doors.