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News - 26 August, 2019

Efficiency with Total Station

Measuring a hall to determine where our machines should go; an intensive and time-consuming job. This is a thing of the past with the use of Total Station.

With this device one person can set out all positions for a large split system in around a day which used to take two colleagues several days on this task. Projects support engineer Rudy van Eden says: “Before, we had to manually set lines in the hall. We did everything with a tape measure which meant the chances of mistakes were greater. By using the Total Station we are more accurate and a lot faster.”

“Before working with Total Station we put reference points on a number of columns. Based on these points we can let Total Station determine where it is in the hall and the system then knows precisely to indicate where we have to put specific anchor points for our machines. Then just one person walks through the hall with a prism and tablet. They can see their movement marked on a map as a dot and are guided with precision to a few millimetres to the right spot where they position a marker. With Total Station we can place around 700 to 800 markers in a day. Child’s play!”

“As well as positioning markers for our machines we can also now easier and faster plot the positions for the fencing and safety light curtains. Another benefit of Total Station is that we can measure an empty hall so that we know the exact measurements. We enter the measurement data into the Autocad drawing programme so that we know exactly for example how a new production line fits in this hall. By using this one piece of equipment it is easier for us to plot or map things out a lot more. The use of Total Station is for us not only more efficient but has the value of an extra check. With it, we know for certain that our machines or production lines are being sited in the best place in a hall.”