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News - 13 September, 2019

Project at a glance: Emile Egger


Emile Egger (Switzerland) has been a key player in industrial liquid pumps since 1947. They have developed a special technique which enables them to pump away liquid, including solid materials. Almost all the parts are pre-fabricated themselves at various sites in Europe, with full assembly in Switzerland as the final step in the production process. As optimisation in this production process, Emile Egger replaced several machines with our Voortman V310 combined drilling/cutting machine. Simply by opting for a cutting table with drilling functionality they are able to triple production capacity. This even exceeded their own expectations! Various processes which used to be carried out on different machines can now be done together on the Voortman machine. This saves considerably on manual operations and machines which is ultimately financially more attractive.

How did the choice for Voortman come about? After a tour through our factory they were very impressed by the robustness and quality of the machines. Together with the technology and the pleasant dealings, that was key for the acquisition.

With this positive reference, Voortman Steel Machinery demonstrates yet again that they have a lot to offer in this sector. There will be many more references to come with the ultimate goal to be an established name in the international manufacturing industry.