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News - 15 January, 2020

Unique cooperation in new Voortman Steel Construction production line

Two disciplines within the same enterprise creating a new production line. With the objective to deliver an optimum production line for Voortman Steel Construction, which also serves as a showroom for Voortman Steel Machinery. The new line increases production for VSC to around 30,000 tonnes. It is also of interest to VSM owing to the quantity of data it supplies.


The machine line was designed with the aid of the so-called configure to order. This method makes it possible to quickly configure different line set-ups and to simulate them in 3D. By reproducing performance with a specific production and different set-ups of the production line, possible bottlenecks of the project have been eliminated in the preliminary phase.


The requirements at both Voortman Steel Construction and Voortman Steel Machinery were to analyse the data based on the new software VACAM 4 for optimum production. With the new machine line, production calculated in advance can be compared continuously with actually realised production. This enables Voortman Steel Construction to make ever-improved calculations of production times, for itself and for its customers, and get the best results out of the machines.


Thanks to this more efficient machine line Voortman Steel Construction is reducing substantially the intermediate stocks and is able to produce part-manufactured items on a just-in-time basis. This project showed once again the added value of the cooperation between both Voortman companies. And cooperation does not come to an end with the commissioning of this new line as both companies intend to seek out how they can automate further the rest of the factory too.


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