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News - 20 February, 2020

Bigger site for Voortman Parts

Our new premises on Heliumstraat have undergone a radical transformation. One third of this hall has now been set up for Voortman Parts II (Construction), Voortman Steel Machinery’s welding shop. These premises provide us with many opportunities for expansion.


Relocating our welding shop to the new hall not only provides more opportunities for welding but also gives us the space for more cutting operations in the existing hall of Voortman Parts I (Cutting). In this way, we have space for a new lifting magnet which raises the plates from and to the cutting machine. With this magnet we can take on the entire nesting (cut out products including grid) from the cutting machine. As a result, the cutting bed is directly available for a following nesting and we can cut a lot more efficiently. Voortman Parts I supplies products to Voortman Steel Construction and to Voortman Parts II.


A new steel framework, heating, LED panels and extraction; these are the basic ingredients for the employees of Voortman Parts II (Construction) to be able to weld in the hall at Heliumstraat. The flow from raw product to end product has now been designed more logically and clearly. For an optimum logistics flow the hall has been divided into three parts. One for the unloading of materials, one for welding work and one for storage. In this last section we also have the capabilities to weld smaller parts.


Our welding shop Voortman Parts Construction currently has a staff of nineteen. By relocating to Heliumstraat we have around two and a half times as much space as in the old place. We have now set up the workstations based on the weight of the weldments (parts to be welded): six workstations for large weldments from a thousand to ten thousand kilos and ten workstations for small to medium-sized weldments from five to a thousand kilos. With this new hall we are in a position to scale up further our production in the future.