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News - 08 July, 2020

High expectations for new robot cutting machine V807

At the end of last year, we launched our new V807 robot cutting machine at FABTECH Expo in Chicago. We developed this compact, precise machine within two years, also due to a new approach of the development process.

Voortman V807


The new V807 is comparable with its predecessor; the V808. The biggest difference between these machines is in the dimensions. The V807 has a footprint that is around 45 percent of the footprint of a V808. Despite its extremely small outer dimensions, the largest beam that fits through the V807 measures 1,000 mm wide. In many circumstances, the V807 robot cutting machine can replace a drill, saw, milling cutter or V808. As a result, our expectations for the machine are high.


An important benefit of the V807 is its compact construction. Therefore, the frame, the clamping units and measuring units and the robot can be placed as one unit onto transport and put into position. Another benefit is the short lead time of the machine, which enables a quick delivery. For the American market we will be keeping a number of V807 machines in stock at our American branch in Monee (IL).


About two years ago, the development path of the machine started with the compilation of a list of requirements. Because everything had been clearly set down beforehand, the engineering team could then complete the project in a very short period of time without delay. In addition, our software programmers were involved early on in the mechanical and electrical engineering. This to us new approach of the development path proved its worth. Thanks to the close cooperation between mechanical and electrical engineering and software, the V807 was developed quickly and efficiently.


The first machines have been sold and the results show that the V807 is a particularly precise machine. This is in part down to the unique rotating axle in combination with a robot. A smart solution, inspired by the limited work space. With the use of a newer and more open software platform, we can still further optimize the V807 in future.

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