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News - 16 March, 2022

Daniel moved to Australia for Voortman

For some people it sounds like a dream: move to the other side of the globe because of your work. For our colleague Daniel Bone, Service Engineer from the United Kingdom, this dream has come true. He moved to Brisbane, Queensland Australia, to help Voortman build a new service department. He tells us about his life in Australia and what it is like to work on the other side of the world for a Dutch company.

Once in a lifetime opportunity

Before Daniel went to Australia, it sometimes took three weeks to get a Voortman employee on site at the customer’s. It was also a huge investment to repeatedly send one of the Dutch colleagues over. “I started working for Voortman in September 2018 as a Service Engineer in the United Kingdom. When I got the opportunity to move to Australia, it was a chance I couldn’t miss out on”, Daniel says. Voortman arranged him a nice apartment and car.

Building customer relationships

Voortman has a large customer base in Australia and it takes quite some time to visit them. All the traveling is coordinated from the Netherlands. It is a big challenge to work together from different time zones, but so far it has worked well. Daniel: “I invest in building and maintaining good customer relationships. It is really nice to see a customer relationship grow. There was a company where we had some issues, but because of the teamwork and by regularly visiting we were able to rebuild our relationship with them. It is part of my job to make sure we maintain that good relationship.”

The right choice

Daniel is really enjoying his time in Australia. It was definitely the right choice to start this new adventure in name of Voortman. The more time he spends in Australia, the better he gets to know the people. “When I came here I didn’t know anyone, but the Australian people are really nice and polite. It happens quite often that I am invited to family barbecues hosted by customers I met!”