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News - 30 March, 2022

Complex jobs for real technicians at Voortman Steel Machinery

Nowadays, tech companies have to pull out all the stops to fill vacancies. At Voortman Steel Machinery, we notice this too. That is why we make use of our comprehensive automation of engineering processes when recruiting our future employees. “We are looking for technicians who understand our processes and want to improve them. We hope to address them by showing how innovative we work,” says Marc Pluimers, Team Lead Electrical Engineering.


Employers need to stand out in the job market. Marc: “That is why I was curious whether an application like EPLAN would be crucial when choosing an employer in the automation industry. New colleagues indicated that it is definitely an advantage for a potential employer, provided that the application has been set up correctly.” At Voortman we have put a lot of time and effort in optimising the setup of our databases and as a result, we use applications at a very high level.

Standardisation and automation

Our products largely consist of standard units which can be combined as desired. This working method offered opportunities to largely standardise and automate the engineering with EPLAN Pro Panel and EEC. Marc: “Last year we switched all of our standard units to EPLAN Pro Panel. A nice side effect of this is that you can generate coloured 3D images of the control cabinets with the Process Wiring program. I once posted a 3D image of a schematic on LinkedIn and that post went viral. Then I thought: why not add a link to our careers page in the post? So that is what I did." And it paid off: the first new colleague has already been recruited in this way.

Complex jobs

Due to the partial automation of the work, the job of an engineer at Voortman has changed noticeably. Marc: “On the R&D side of our company, things have become a bit more complicated in terms of configuration, because we add extra information there. And the implementation, assembling the panels, is actually easier thanks to EPLAN Pro Panel. As a result of this working method, the real technicians can focus on the complex jobs. And that of course makes the work even more challenging and rewarding for them.”