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News - 02 March, 2018

REMO students learn at Voortman in practice

Because we at Voortman Steel Group set great store by expertise, we are keen to do our bit towards education and training for technical personnel. This one of the reasons why we have been a partner for years of the West-Twente REMO (Regional Electrical and Metal Training) training centre in Rijssen.

REMO is an association of companies which trains young school leavers to BBL [vocational guidance training pathway] level 2, 3 or 4 in the electrical engineering, installation engineering, mechatronics or metal sector. Theory is integrated into practice as far as possible in the training course that REMO offers. Coaching and training students to become highly employable specialists under the ‘continuous learning’ motto is key. The fact that REMO training is a good foundation, is evident from the fact that a number of former REMO students are still working at Voortman. A nice detail is that two members of REMO West-Twente teaching staff, Jan Bregman and Ad van Putten, worked at Voortman themselves.


REMO students can also be found in Voortman Steel Group workshops this academic year too: fifteen to be precise, consisting of seven at Steel Construction and eight at Voortman Steel Machinery. They spend two days at REMO and three days at Voortman.