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News - 25 June, 2018

Healthy to work and healthy back home

Artros Health Focus, located in Heliumstraat, has been contributing for a good ten years to the health and employability of Voortman employees. At present there are several colleagues who practise sports at Artros too and get tips on posture and physical strain. It is time therefore to get to know them better. Artros’s Lilian Rijfkogel: “Around 95% of all injuries are not a direct consequence of work. They often consist of long-standing complaints that impede work. That is why we have a good look first at what is going on. We look together not only at the workplace, but also at the individual’s everyday lifestyle and what hobbies he or she engages in for example.

The complete picture is important for us. Thus we could, for instance, modify that individual’s workplace, but also the posture he or she adopts on a racing bike. We assess what is going on and look at what the individual is capable of. Our approach is to ensure that people can function in the way they are accustomed to rather than simply to getting them back to work as soon as possible.”


This is done on the basis of a tailor-made training programme. Artros specialises in ergonomics and physical strain, advising employers and employees. The aim is to cure existing complaints and prevent (new) complaints from developing. The exercise specialists at Artros do this by increasing knowledge and awareness and offering pointers for sensible levels of physical effort and capability.

You would expect that employees on site sustain the most injuries but that is not the case. The ratio between field service and office personnel being coached by Artros is around 60/40.

Lilian: “Physically demanding work does not mean more injuries by definition. Less physical work such as office work can also cause complaints over time.”


Mike Mansveld (Group Leader – Parts Manufacturing) went to Artros with shoulder and back problems and is very satisfied with the treatment. “My problems arose while playing tennis. On both occasions Artros’s Peter Rijfkogel pinpointed the problem in ten minutes. He analysed my tennis strokes and led me to understand what I was doing wrong and how I can load my shoulder differently. Recently, when I thought I had torn a calf muscle, I phoned Artros at the end of the working day and was able to see them an hour later. Peter established that my back was the problem rather than my calf. After two treatment sessions and plenty of exercise at home I was actually able to take part in championship matches. Artros really gets to the core of complaints.”


Artros also carries out physical capability tests, for instance if someone is changing jobs and is switching from construction to the office. They can also be for new fitters. Lilian: “In this kind of test we look at what someone is capable of and what he or she needs for the work. With the current labour shortage, as an employer you want people on board who like your company. It is important then that people should retain their enthusiasm for their job but also that they should continue to be employable in the long term.” Both the employer and the employee need to invest in this. Voortman is happy to offer you this facility jointly with Artros!

Is your neck, shoulders or back bothering you at the end of your working day or have you been suffering from daily headaches for some time? Do these complaints prevent you from functioning as you would want to? Don’t carry on putting up with them, do something about them instead!  You can get started directly with Artros Health Focus to get your complaints seen to via your line manager of the HR department.