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News - 05 April, 2018

Safety Day: working safely, just do it!

Requirements in respect of safety are becoming increasingly stringent in the ever larger and more complex projects being carried out by Voortman Steel Construction. Accordingly, we are working continuously on improving safety based on our own Think Safe – Work Safe programme. In advance of the national Safety Awareness day on Friday 16 March next, VSC accordingly organised its annual Safety Day last Friday.


Knowledge of safety is most important, but working safely is also mainly a question of being aware and acting accordingly. That is why field service employees and work planners were served up a varied and above all practical programme. Due to the success of the first Safety Day last year, the foremen and supervisors also joined in. Building situations were simulated during the various workshops in which the participants were required to assess and mitigate the risks. Loxam/Workx thus laid on a workshop on the erection and use of mobile scaffold towers in accordance with the latest requirements and Eurosafe Solutions laid on a fall protection workshop. To round it off, the participants played a game which recapitulated the day’s content. We can look back a successful and above all instructive day.