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News - 02 May, 2018

Project at a glance: Leach Structural Steelwork LTD.

Leach Structural Steelwork optimizes steel fabrication with Voortman Steel Machinery: “We believe the benefits of the automation, both technically and the machines, will allow us to operate with minimal personnel, with maximum output from the machine lines.” — Eric Leach, Managing Director of Leach Structural Steelwork.

Leach Structural Steelwork is a structural steel fabrication company that specializes in commercial projects, factories, warehouses and production facilities. Typical projects range from a hundred tonnes to two thousand tonnes.


Founded: 1971 in Preston (UK).
Core business: Structural steel fabrication
Size: 13,000 m2 (400,000 ft2)
Employees: 200
Output: Average of 250 tonnes per week


  • Voortman V808 | Coping machine
  • Voortman V630 | Beam drilling machine (2x)
  • Voortman VB1250 | Beam sawing machine (2x)
  • Voortman V630 & VB1050 | Close coupled drilling and sawing
  • Voortman V704 | Beam marking machine
  • Voortman VSB1500 | Shot blasting machine
  • Voortman V320 | Combined plate drilling and cutting machine
  • Voortman V550-6 | Angle line