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News - 15 December, 2017

A great deal of interest at the exhibition

Voortman Steel Machinery is engaged in a continuous process of maintaining and renewing its product range in order to ensure that machinery fulfils the wishes and requirements of the customer. Four new machines have already been developed this year following extensive preliminary research by R&D and product management. Three of these were recently introduced during international events: the V550-7, the V310 and the V325.

Increased flexibility for the V310

The new Voortman V310 was introduced to the public at the ‘Schweissen und Schneiden’ exhibition in Düsseldorf, Germany. This international exhibition is aimed at plate-processing and welding technology. The V310 combines the current technologies in our plate machinery and features a drilling head for even greater flexibility. Nearly 80 companies signalled their intention already before the exhibition to come and visit our stand. Visitors to the stand were able to swipe through our product range on interactive screens. The V310 was in operation cutting and drilling during the exhibition which attracted the attention of visitors passing by. Seven machines have already been sold since then. Product manager Joey Schreur: “Every machine manufacturer in Europe offers drilling functionality on a cutting machine. The expectation is that the V310 will also do well in the United States, given the large number of quotations we are issuing there. With it we offer an alternative for machines that drill and (bevel) cut with the same gantry, but without a milling functionality. In view of the fact that our pricing is highly competitive compared to these machines, many customers find the additional milling functionality is not worth the price difference.”

V325 for thick and heavy plates

The flagship of the Voortman plate machinery range, the V325, was introduced a few weeks ago during Fabtech in Chicago, USA. Joey: “It was a successful exhibition. A number of people came specially for Voortman, since although we were at the back of the hall, the first two days were busy on our stand right from the exhibition opening.” The USA is of course the land of skyscrapers, but it is also prone to seismic activity.

Because this entails different standards and requirements for steel structures, there is significant demand for the V325. This machine can process plate thicknesses from 6 to 100 mm by drilling, milling, marking and cutting. The V325, which was fully operational, attracted a great deal of attention during the exhibition. Visitors were impressed by the various processes. Once it was over, the exhibition machine was shipped to a customer in Kansas, where it will be installed at the beginning of next year. Joey: “We also received the first requests already from the European market to come and check out the machine at Voortman. We expect the V325 will do well in both the European and US markets.”

Drilling and milling with the V631

The introduction of the fourth machine, the V631, is scheduled for March 2018 during the NASCC exhibition in Baltimore, USA. This successor to the highly popular V630 triple-head drilling machine has had milling added as the primary functionality. Because this is used a great deal in the USA, its introduction will take place again at a US event. In the same week, Voortman Steel Machinery will be organising presentations of this machine in the Experience Centre for other countries. You will be able to read more about this in the next Assemble.