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News - 01 May, 2018

Project at a glance: TSE & Lanova

Voortman Steel Construction is building its third property on the business park De Elsmoat between Enter and Rijssen. The premises consist of an industrial building of 1000 m2 and an office of 450 m2. The design has a striking, large lattice truss framework, which fulfils both an aesthetic and an engineering function. For the implementation, Voortman is forming a construction team with 4D Architects of Enter and Lesscher Installatietechniek of Saasvel.

The property will be delivered on a turnkey basis in October, after which TSE and Lanova Charging Stations will take possession. Trading company TSE supplies high quality products and innovative equipment for the storage and distribution of fuels, chemicals and water. Lanover supplies electric charging stations for the business and private sector.