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News - 30 April, 2018

Project at a glance: NCI Buildings Systems

Before purchasing our machines, this American steel construction company still did a lot of semi-automatic manufacturing. Voortman Steel Machinery recently installed a complete line here, which consists of eight machines. These machines are linked to each other by different types of roller conveyors. With MSI (Multi System Integration) they are integrated into one productions system.

Thanks to the optimum synchronisation between hardware (roller conveyors and transverse conveyors) and software (VACAM) this system can be operated by just two people. This all goes to show that it has been designed and realised using the VSM strategy ‘maximization of Automation and Output ‘. The CTO (Configure To Order) team explained the system’s operation clearly to the software team, based in the customer’s wishes and requirements. This close collaboration with the customer also contributed to the successful installation and commissioning of the system.