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News - 17 October, 2018

Central Issue Management

Wesley van Pijkeren is a Business Consultant at Voortman Steel Machinery and he has a passion. ‘I want to optimise and standardise processes with the aim of enabling us to work together faster, in a more structured fashion and hence more easily.’

Part of his job description is to roll out SharePoint within VSM with CIM (Central Issue Management) as the major project. This is used to record problems centrally. ‘This will apply for the whole of Machinery in due course. It will flag up anything that is not in ‘happy flow’.’

He will be putting on short training session at departmental level in order to familiarise all departments with SharePoint, as well as organisation-wide in January during the ‘Voortman Talks’. ‘Rolling out SharePoint seems line more work to start with. You need to make a note of, pass on and enter things. But it is a fact that your work will be simplified in the end. I am keen to spell it out and show it.’


Back to CIM. CIM is a component of SharePoint, a system in which issues can be saved centrally and which is accessible to everyone. An added benefit is that it can be seen directly what issues are in play and what their status is. ‘We have already dealt with over 2,300 issues in the intervening period’ reports Wesley with pride.


There is a complaint. It will be sent – automatically – to the relevant coordinator. After that, the right department and individual will be designated to resolve the problem. Its status will be advised directly using set workflows whenever the status of an issue has changed. This will minimise the delay incurred. If a problem appears to be structural, it can be ‘extended’ to QMS. At that point a structural solution will be sought under the leadership of the Quality department.


It was often the case in the past that a problem would be resolved at once. This is great of course, but you risk having the same problem recurring next time. Wesley endorses that. ‘People sometimes get the impression that they need to do more administrative work with this as sometimes a problem will be resolved on the spot in 10 minutes. But perhaps it can be prevented for good in an hour! We need to think collaboratively more long-term and work towards structural solutions.’