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News - 29 November, 2018

New websites and Marketing Automation

In today’s digital era (potential) customers, business partners and employees have more information at their fingertips than ever before. They can go online themselves to find answers and solutions to their problems and requirements. This has led to a situation in which Voortman no longer has its pick of the customers – they don’t simply fall into our lap any more. Nowadays, it is customers themselves who are in a strong position and have plenty of choice from the various providers on the market. Consequently, Voortman needs to optimise the customer’s digital experience on an ongoing basis to distinguish itself from other providers. Bearing the above in mind, as well as the constantly changing world around us, the time for a complete update of the company websites had arrived. This will allow Voortman to set itself apart even more clearly by being more complete, smarter and more innovative as a business. Sander Kwintenberg and Olga Jurriens explain what changes will be taking place and why this is the right time to act.


Sander: ‘This year we launched a number of projects with the aim of communicating our message more effectively and responding to the digitisation process previously mentioned. These included various studies: what are the customer’s needs, how can we present ourselves as an attractive employer, etc.? As a result of these studies we have decided to undertake a major change.’ The organisation will be switching from an inside-out to an outside-in approach, which means that the problems and needs of our customers, as well as their values, will be at the heart of our communication. New website structures have been determined on the basis of these studies. In addition, the websites will feature more relevant content and will incorporate the latest technology, design and features, the aim being to contribute as much as possible to the various objectives set: to achieve a fresh look and feel and increase the mobile friendliness, findability and speed of the websites. To ensure the cohesiveness of the Steel Group is maintained, all three websites will have the same look and feel. The new VSG and VSC websites have now entered their final phase, while the VSM website is still in development. VSM’s is also the biggest website and, once completed, it will be both technically and graphically possible to take the next step towards Marketing Automation (MA).


MA enables you, as an organisation, to ensure you are genuinely relevant for your website visitor/potential customer. In this context “relevant” means that a person is provided with the right information at the right moment via the right channel, and this information is in keeping with his or her behaviour at that particular time. A so-called MA system, which is being integrated with the Sugar CRM system (customer database), allows us to gather data on all the actions performed by this person on our website and gain an insight into them. Olga: ‘We are talking here about the website pages that people have visited and the specific actions they have taken, such as downloading a knowledge article for which they have entered their e-mail address, clicking on a link in an important newsletter or requesting a demo at the Voortman Experience Centre.’ Marketing sets up the desired actions and behaviours in the MA system in the form of campaigns. If campaigns are organised appropriately, certain actions will result in several contact moments and information that is valuable to the customer. ‘In this way you are actually taking the customer by the hand and guiding them towards the potential purchase of a machine’, Olga explains.


The more valuable actions the potential customer performs on the website, the more interesting this person becomes for Voortman and he or she is passed on to Sales. We are therefore only talking here about potential customers who have done a lot of research independently and demonstrated their interest. This means there is a good chance that the customer will be open to a sales discussion when Sales calls him or her up. Thanks to MA, Sales can be almost certain about which machine(s) people are interested in and can therefore enter into discussion with them in a very targeted way.

AIM FOR 2019

The aim for 2019 is to successfully deliver the VSM website, after which it will also be possible to gradually implement MA. A certain amount of advance preparation is needed for the project, such as drawing up so-called customer profiles, preparing the answers that these customers are looking for at each stage of the purchasing process, writing the necessary content/message to respond to these questions and setting up the campaigns. Olga: ‘At VSM we are looking forward to the completion of these new projects and overall expect them to generate a greater number of high-quality, insightful leads and consequently more orders.’