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Well-qualified people play a decisive role in the success of our company and our products. We are immensely happy with the one welder who has been working with us for over eight years and in addition is a coach teaching the trade to youngsters. And we mustn’t forget our project lead who is able to make a success of every project based on his professional knowledge and people skills. There is also our engineer who, with his innovative idea, was able to significantly improve the efficiency of a machine which has sold well.

Each and every one of these three people is a professional and we are fortunate to have many of them around. People with knowledge, experience, talent and passion for their trade. We are proud of them! We can never have too many of these professionals. So are you the one professional who can take us to a higher level? Please click here and upload your CV and covering letter.

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Why at Voortman?

What is great about Voortman is that everything is done here: from the concept phase, design to the ultimate production of a new machine or product. Everything created on the drawing board is made on location at our company. The variety of activities and jobs offers you many possibilities in your professional role. Your growth may progress from a junior, intermediate to senior in your field, but you can also take a sideways step and go and do another job. With your experience as a professional in the trade, you will be teaching the trade to new colleagues and new starts. In addition to these, there are of course various management roles within Voortman performed by professionals.

We challenge you to keep on developing.

If you are a professional it doesn’t mean that you have finished learning. The world changes. People change. Developments come in rapid succession. As a company, we go with the flow. You will be given plenty of freedom to develop with Voortman. Just keep on imagining how it can be done differently and better, for our company as well as for you personally. Follow training courses in your field and in terms of personal development. Take the initiative and come up with ideas. Let’s challenge one another. By doing so we can easily break free from constraints. In this way we keep on innovating and create new opportunities each day for our company and for you too!

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We offer

Voortman is a company where all are willing to support one another. A company with a pleasant working environment. We are convinced that this contributes to the performance of each and every one of us.

There is of course room for conviviality and we have consideration for one another as a team. We are an enthusiastic young team and aim to deliver good work together. Our people are the cornerstone of our organisation. It is our job to find the right people and to put them in the right place. Do what you are good at so we can achieve the best result together! Accordingly, we devote a great deal of attention on developing our employees, on a professional as well as personal level. We also place a high value on a good work-life balance. Not only that, but entrepreneurial blood flows through the veins of our organisation. We are always looking out for new opportunities and possibilities and you can make a significant contribution in this regard with your knowledge and experience! A fine challenge that gives a great deal of satisfaction once we are able to say to one another: “Yes, we have done it again!”.

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