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‘Yes’, you have graduated. You are ready for the employment market. But where will you career start? Which company will ensure that you return to work every day with pleasure? That you can develop not only in your specialism but also personally? Or perhaps you are still looking around somewhat: you have completed your studies in a certain subject but you would like something different nevertheless and Voortman is a company that appeals to you.

We are always looking out for the best people. We believe it is important that you should feel comfortable with us. We will ensure that you are sufficiently challenged and on your way to a career that suits you. Regardless of whether you have an MBO, HBO or WO [higher or secondary, vocational or university] qualification, we will do it together! Together we will aim for the best end result and do so with the greatest of pleasure. Feel at home at Voortman!

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Why at Voortman?

Voortman’s roots are in Rijssen, but we have grown into an international player. Voortman has many different disciplines, often technical in nature with associated jobs at various levels. Work planners, welders and project engineers come to mind. But we also have a need for support jobs as HR professionals and marketeers in order to be able to provide the quality we stand for. This variety of jobs presents opportunities for you. You can keep on developing within our company. Everyone deserves a spot in which he or she feels comfortable. Only then will you be able to performance at you optimum!

Take part in the Voortman Traineeship?

Are you coming from HBO or WO [higher vocational or university education]? If so, we have a traineeship on offer. We do so for a good reason! You have just come from being a student and suddenly you are at work. Something is expected from you and not just at a professional level. We also believe it is most important for instance that you should have a clear self-image, be able to work well with colleagues and work with a project-based approach. All this is not self-evident and although we cannot expect it from you either, we can help you to develop in this regard.

The traineeship runs for one year and is aimed at developing your soft skills. It presents you with a fine foundation for your ongoing career. You will never be finished of course. As a colleague, we give you the opportunity to keep on learning and keep on developing because we believe as much as you do that it is important that you should enjoy going to work every day.

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We challenge you to bring out the best in yourself

The responsibility for your self-development lies primarily with you. One individual may have a greater need than another. The need often depends on the situation in which you find yourself: perhaps you are feeling entirely comfortable where you are at present and see absolutely no need to change but will think differently about it in a year’s time.

If you are keen to develop, we will gladly help you to do so! If you have ideas and/or ambitions, please share them with your line manager. This will enable us to do something about them together and ensure that you will enjoy working at Voortman now, but continue to do so in a couple of years.

At Voortman we have a wide range of technical training on offer. But we look at you above all as an individual: what do you need in order to improve, to enjoy your work and thus contribute to Voortman quality? We very much appreciate initiatives in this area! Everyone is given a chance with us!  

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We offer

Voortman is a company where all are willing to support one another. A company with a pleasant working environment. We are convinced that this contributes to the performance of each and every one of us.

There is of course room for conviviality and we have consideration for one another as a team. We are an enthusiastic young team and aim to deliver good work together. Our people are the cornerstone of our organisation. It is our job to find the right people and to put them in the right place. Do what you are good at so we can achieve the best result together! Accordingly, we devote a great deal of attention on developing our employees, on a professional as well as personal level. We also place a high value on a good work-life balance. Not only that, but entrepreneurial blood flows through the veins of our organisation. We are always looking out for new opportunities and possibilities and you can make a significant contribution in this regard with your knowledge and experience! A fine challenge that gives a great deal of satisfaction once we are able to say to one another: “Yes, we have done it again!”.

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Culture and values

Grow to become a professional?

You won’t be a new start all your life. You will be keen to build up knowledge and experience in your chosen field. We will be happy to facilitate this for you. It is our intention in particular, not only now but in the future as well, to deliver the quality our customers expect from us. At best, we will raise our quality level a little higher every day. We need good people to achieve this!

You know best what you need in order to exercise your specialism properly. Share this with your line manager so we can get down to work together on it. Every colleague is a link in the process on the way to achieving a fine end result for the customer and every improvement is one too. Get the best out of yourself and we will be happy to help you.

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