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Graduate Assingment: Machine Learning Predictive Maintenance



Together with Voortman Steel Construction, Voortman Steel Machinery is part of the Voortman Steel Group and is one of the largest players in the international market. With international subsidiaries, the company is a globally recognized and leading supplier to the steel construction and manufacturing industry. Seeing ideas become reality; that sounds so nice, but it really happens at Voortman Steel Machinery. And then there are groundbreaking ideas. We make the most innovative machines and production lines for the steel construction and sheet metal processing industry. For customers all over the world!

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As a graduate you are given the space to learn and develop yourself, both personally and professionally. You are really part of the team and you can expect all the support from your colleagues. You work independently and dare to show initiative. In addition, you get the freedom and you take the responsibility to organize and carry out your research according to how you like it.


Voortman is making the next step into the future by offering our customers numerous cloud services. We're starting with insight in machine statuses, production statuses and realized production times. But next to these products we are exploring the possibilities of this cloud environment (and the data in it) to support our services department. As an organization we pride ourselves in our capabilities to support our customers throughout the lifespan of the machines we deliver. We're best in class with regard to after-sales services and we plan on staying the front-runner in our industry. We expect machine learning to be(come) a tool that will make all the difference moving forward. By leveraging the capabilities of machine learning we want to improve the partnership with our customers even more by offering them value in the form of advice or new services. The following assignments are the first concrete steps we intend to make towards using proper machine learning algorithms as we explore this new territory.

At Voortman we develop a wide range of machines that are delivered to our customers as a single unit or as production lines. Once in the field users of these machines can encounter errors or malfunctions. At the moment we're starting to send the errors that our customers encounter to the cloud and we analyse this data to determine how many times different types of errors occur. Furthermore, to be able to prevent these errors we want to get insight in what factors influence the occurrence of these errors. The errors should therefore be combined with other types of data in a way that we can make inferences about the way these factors influence errors and malfunctions.

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  • HBO (Technical) Computer Science / HBO ICT.

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At Voortman, everyone is there for each other. We are a company with a pleasant working atmosphere. We are convinced that this contributes to the performance of all our employees, interns and graduates. During your graduation assignment, you will be assigned an experienced supervisor or coach. Do you like it on both sides? Then we would like to talk to you. And who knows, you might even come and work with us afterwards! We offer:

  • A graduation allowance of €450 gross per month.
  • High-quality equipment and materials that you need to do your job well.
  • Whether you are a graduate or an intern; you are an integral part of our team. We think that's very important.
  • A very instructive internship or graduation period at our innovative organization.
  • All freedom and responsibility to successfully complete your assignment.

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