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Are you studying structural, mechanical or electrical engineering, technical business studies or IT? Or are you studying something completely different, but which you think is able to make a great contribution to Voortman? Are you interested in engineering and looking for a Saturday job? Or would you like to combine work and study, and start a BBL course [vocational guidance training pathway]? At Voortman we are keen to meet young people like you: talent for the future.

We always lay down a number of work-placement assignment for each work-placement period. Our organisation is developing continuously, which means that we are constantly seeing new challenges. That is why we don’t have any standard work-placement assignments in place, we look instead at the need in our company at that particular time and you, as a student, can make a worthwhile contribution to it. The current work placement period has just started but we are already giving some thought to assignments for the period starting September.

Once the assignments are definite, we will be posting the vacancies via this website for work-placement and final-year assignments. Should you not wish to wait until we have posted our work-placement offer online or if you already have some ideas you would like to discuss with us, then you can of course always contact us. We would like to hear from you what course you are studying and what you are looking for in your work placement of final year. We can then look together at whether we can see any possible openings for you!

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Why Voortman?

Regardless of whether you clean the workshop or conduct research into optimising our latest machine as part of your final-year assignment, you will be part of our company and be contributing to our quality. We invest time and attention in all our employees. Maybe you are cleaning at present, but you would like to have a work placement with us over a number of years. It is great that we have got to know each other!  Everyone at Voortman is equally important and we leave no stone unturned in bringing out the best in one another.

Higher professional and university education

We always define a number of final year assignments ourselves, although we are also open to your ideas. As long as it contributes something to our company, which makes it just as rewarding for you. How fantastic will it be if your final-year assignment leads to a concrete plan that will be put through in our company? And you may be the one doing it, should you decide to carry on working with us after your work placement or final year. If, on the other hand, you want to continue your studies then perhaps a standby contract is something for you. This will enable you to gain experience during your studies and we will keep in touch with you.

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Vocational secondary education

Are you on a BOL [vocational education pathway] course and would like to have a work placement with us? Or would you like to combine work and study, in a BBL process [vocational guidance training pathway]? We work a great deal in collaboration with REMO West-Twente, the technical education centre for BBL students. But you can of course come to us if you are studying at another college too. In actual fact we are happy to give you the opportunity to gain experience and get to know our company. We are an accredited training company with certified practical instructors. You will therefore receive the guidance you need from us, but will definitely not class you as work-placement trainee. You will be a fully-fledged member of our team. Whether you are interested in assembly or welding, all aspects on the trade come together at Voortman. And who knows, you may well stay on and work with us after your training. You certainly wouldn’t be the first!

Pre-vocational secondary education

Are you in VMBO and do you have a passion for engineering? If so, we would like to get in touch with you. How many colleagues haven’t started with us with a second job? It is an excellent opportunity to get to know our company, establish contacts and learn more about the trade. A start towards your future career.

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Culture and values

Especially for final-year students and trainees

As a final-year student and trainees you will be learning from us, but we are also sure to learn from you! It is something we do every day, but we also have a number of set sessions in which we consciously focus on this. Accordingly, there is an introduction day for new work-placement trainees and final-year students with each traineeship period. Here you will be given more information about Voortman, as well as getting to know one another and you will be taken on a tour of the company.

The next meeting will take place once you have been on your work-placement or final-year period for a couple of months. We would like to hear what you think of Voortman: what is good about it and, more importantly, what could be better. We will conclude the meeting convivially with an activity.

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