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Vacancy: Professional

Software Engineer PLC



Seeing ideas become a reality: it sounds nice but it really does happen at Voortman Steel Machinery. And these are ground-breaking ideas. We make the most innovative machinery and product lines for the steel construction and plate-processing industry for customers around the world. Going through the process together with a customer in order to arrive at a production line that integrates seamlessly into his process. Regardless of how often we do it, it is special each time and provides a great deal of satisfaction.

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In the Software department, our enthusiastic club of Software Engineers works in multiple development teams. We have developed VACAM, our own software package. Each team has its own specialism, such as Robotics or the PLC layer of our software. Every team has its own schedule, this ensures we have continuous ongoing development of our software. 

We are looking to strengthen our TwinCAT team, i.e. the team that has ownership of all PLC software. The team is tasked with translating an electrical diagram into software which controls all the hardware for a machine. Every member of this motivated proactive club has a different background, from electrical engineering to mechatronics. They complement one another perfectly with this mix!

Your work will consist of two main tasks: developing new software for new or existing machinery on the one hand and supporting existing machinery on the other. You will be working in close collaboration with your Mechanical and Electrical Engineer colleagues to develop new software. Finally, a correctly-operating product or function will be delivered in close conjunction with the Test Engineers. You will be spending the necessary time on the machine yourself for the latter. We are progressive but we never lose sight of reliability. We always go for the best quality: we are never satisfied with anything less!

You will go through the schedule and the latest developments every morning with your teammates. We all work in the same space which means we sit literally close together: you know where to find one another if you have questions, which means you can confer quickly and update one another. 

We carry out our activities on an agile basis with fortnightly iterations in which we complete the scheduled items. This helps us to work predictably. After the iteration, in the retrospective we look at what we can keep and what we can improve. Next year we want to be better than this year! 

We know where to find one another outside work too. We are keen to share our passion and knowledge via ‘katas’: knowledge sessions organised by and for software engineers. But we also like to grab a breath of fresh air during breaks and enjoy a cup of coffee. 


  • You will be working on VACAM in TwinCAT3 on a daily basis at the office. This is a desktop application that consists of a PLC part and a C# part. This application runs on an industrial PC at the machine.
  • You will be working on VACAM in TwinCAT2 for support or functionalities in the old software versions.
  • You will think collaboratively about what the agile work process will look like for your team.
  • You will confer with the Software Architect and C# Engineers on which functionalities you will be implementing where.
  • You will be visiting customers four times a year on average to resolve complex software issues or to take part in testing a new functionality which could not be tested in the workshop.

Projects you are working on

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23 October, 2018

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12 October, 2018

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  • HBO/WO [higher professional/ university education] level of work and thought plus education completed in Electrical Engineering or (Technical) IT.
  • A minimum of 3 years of experience as a PLC Software Engineer
  • Experience with Beckhoff/Codesys or structured text is a bonus.
  • Experience with source control (Git is a bonus)
  • Knowledge of software design is a bonus
  • An inquisitive and proactive attitude, which will enable you and your colleagues to deliver a correctly-operating product.
  • Someone who enjoys teamwork, we learn from one another by sharing knowledge!


Voortman is a company where all are willing to support one another. A company with a pleasant working environment. We are convinced that this contributes to the performance of each and every one of us.

There is of course room for conviviality and we have consideration for one another as a team. We are an enthusiastic young team and aim to deliver good work together. Our people are the cornerstone of our organisation. It is our job to find the right people and to put them in the right place. Do what you are good at so we can achieve the best result together! Accordingly, we devote a great deal of attention on developing our employees, on a professional as well as personal level. We also place a high value on a good work-life balance. Not only that, but entrepreneurial blood flows through the veins of our organisation. We are always looking out for new opportunities and possibilities and you can make a significant contribution in this regard with your knowledge and experience! A fine challenge that gives a great deal of satisfaction once we are able to say to one another: “Yes, we have done it again!”.

Note for recruitment, secondment and selection agencies:
We understand that you would also like to search for candidates for this rewarding vacancy or even have some available, but we would rather look for our new colleagues ourselves.

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