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Vacancy: Professional

Software Engineer C# (Robotics)



Seeing ideas become a reality: it sounds nice but it really does happen at Voortman Steel Machinery. And these are ground-breaking ideas. We make the most innovative machinery and product lines for the steel construction and plate-processing industry for customers around the world. Going through the process together with a customer in order to arrive at a production line that integrates seamlessly into his process. Regardless of how often we do it, it is special each time and provides a great deal of satisfaction.

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Our Software Development department consists of an enthusiastic team of Software Engineers, divided into multiple development teams. Each team has its own specialism, such as Robotics or the PLC layer of our software. We have developed VACAM, our own software package. The majority of Software Engineers work with .NET. We make sure we are always working with the latest version. Each team has its own schedule, to ensure the ongoing development of our software.

We are looking to strengthen our Robotics team. We have several machines with a robotic arm which automates various processes, including cutting or welding steel. For this purpose we use different brands and types of robots which we try to control as generically as possible. It will be  your challenge to consider properly how to construct the software! In future our ambition is to further develop our specialism Robotics and you will help to make this happen. You work a lot with the other teams within our software department. Plus, you work with Product Management, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, considering together what the robot must be capable of and how this can best be achieved. Our machines are  produced in series as far as possible, which means for you as a software engineer that a great deal of attention is given to quality and standardisation.

One day you might be writing a lot of code but another day you might be discussing with other Software Engineers or colleagues. Within your team, you know where to find one another if you have any questions, ideas or need a critical look at something. We work in the same room, which means we can confer quickly. No two days are the same for you as a C# Software Engineer at Voortman! 

We carry out our activities on an agile basis with fortnightly iterations in which we complete the scheduled tasks. This helps us to work predictably. Within the team and the department you also have a lot of influence on the process: we want to work smarter, not just harder. Next year we want to be better than this year! We know where to find one another outside work too. We are keen to share our passion and knowledge via ‘katas’: knowledge sessions organised by and for software engineers. But we also like to grab a breath of fresh air during breaks and enjoy a cup of coffee.


  • You will be working daily in C# on VACAM, the in-house developed software package for machine and system automation.
  • The software you develop in VACAM runs counter to the software from the robot supplier, and it is your responsibility to ensure this functions properly.
  • You will be working with challenges on a daily basis, for example in preventing the robot from colliding with something (collision detection) and also ensuring that the
  • Robot chooses the most efficient route.
  • You will be working following Agile work processes into which you yourself will have a great deal of say.

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  • A completed HBO / WO [higher professional education / university education] in (Technical) IT, Computer Science, Technical Physics subjects.
  • Relevant work experience as Software Engineer in C#.
  • Knowledge of WPF and SQL is a bonus.
  • An inquisitive and proactive attitude: together with your colleagues you will be raising our software to a new level.
  • Someone who enjoys teamwork, we learn from one another by sharing knowledge!

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Welcome to Voortman


Voortman is a company where all are willing to support one another. A company with a pleasant working environment. We are convinced that this contributes to the performance of each and every one of us.

There is of course room for conviviality and we have consideration for one another as a team. We are an enthusiastic young team and aim to deliver good work together. Our people are the cornerstone of our organisation. It is our job to find the right people and to put them in the right place. Do what you are good at so we can achieve the best result together! Accordingly, we devote a great deal of attention on developing our employees, on a professional as well as personal level. We also place a high value on a good work-life balance. Not only that, but entrepreneurial blood flows through the veins of our organisation. We are always looking out for new opportunities and possibilities and you can make a significant contribution in this regard with your knowledge and experience! A fine challenge that gives a great deal of satisfaction once we are able to say to one another: “Yes, we have done it again!”.

Note for recruitment, secondment and selection agencies:
We understand that you would also like to search for candidates for this rewarding vacancy or even have some available, but we would rather look for our new colleagues ourselves.

Your colleagues speaking

Peter Lanting - Software Development

As Software Engineers, we see being implemented in house what we devise. At Voortman we actually do everything ourselves. From developing machinery, building it up to and including installation at the customer’s facility and subsequent service. We work on a tangible end product. We continue to be involved during the production process, we are keen to think collaboratively and share our knowledge whenever necessary.

Kelvin Ten Vregelaar - Software Development

Building a machine or a production line is one thing, but actually getting it to run as well is at least as important. We rely on the Software Development department for this. We ensure that all individual components are controlled and work together. Our day-to-day work consists of, designing, developing and testing software. High-quality software that ensures that manual operation by the end-user are kept to a minimum. We are keeping up with the times and are therefore constantly on the lookout for even better and faster systems.

Annelon Beltman of Sietse Koenjer

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