On 1 March 2016 we took an important step in the development of the Voortman Steel Group. Voortman Staalbouw and Voortman Dak en Wand joined forces. Together these companies will continue under the new name, Voortman Steel Construction. The common aim: even more added value to you as our customer.

Together, we are able to offer you a total package. Our products are of high quality and are offered at a competitive price. This is made possible because of innovative applications and smart techniques allowing us to work even more efficiently.

Thus we can anticipate the needs from the changing market. More transparency, sustainable integral designs and extensive supply chain integration; these are the important topics today. And that is something we as a leading builder in steel very much like to work with. Whether it is a non-residential, industrial and system building project. What won't change, is our excellent projects organization. We also have flexible and reliable production and assembly facilities and carry out everything under our own control.

For more information, look at: https://www.vsc.nl/

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