On Tuesday, October 11th the National Steel Construction Day took place in Amsterdam: the nationwide knowledge event regarding the latest trends in assignment, design and construction in the field of steel.

Trade fair

The National Steel Construction Day is an initiative of Bouwen met Staal, an independent knowledge organisation supporting parties in construction at the application of steel. Voortman Steel Machinery was present at the event’s trade fair. Both the Dutch National Steel Price and the National Sustainability Price Steel were awarded during this day as well. This last award underlines the increasing importance of sustainability in steel construction.

Building sustainably with steel

Buildings are increasingly being designed for disassembly. At the building’s end-of- life, valuable materials such as wood, steel and glass can be returned in industrial processes. Steel for example can be completely recycled: after dismantling, the parts can – after being processed – be reused as construction parts. Currently, this happens to some 50% of all beam steel. The rest is used as scrap for the production of new steel (see www.duurzaaminstaal.nl). With its working method, Voortman Steel Construction contributes to the reuse of steel: the parts of our steel constructions are mounted on site, without being welded. As a result, they can be disassembled on site again, so the steel can be reused.

With all new products and buildings to be developed, we at Voortman Steel Group explicitly take the entire life cycle into account. We focus on how we can develop sustainably (energy and materials) and at the same time reduce the load on the environment (waste, CO2 and energy). We are convinced that sustainability creates value for our company and improves the efficiency of our work.

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