In March 2005, Voortman was established in Kankakee, Illinois. Today, with a market share of 30%, Voortman USA is one of the main machine suppliers in the American steel industry. Adrian Morrall, President, talks about the development of the company.

How it all started

Adrian: “In 2005, the Voortman brand was still completely unknown in the American steel market. Potential clients were hesitant, because there were no demonstration sites where they could see machinery running before buying it. Moreover, there was no service department to call in case of problems.” Through his existing network Adrian sold the first Voortman-machines in the American market. Over time, sales began to increase and the Voortman brand was established. In 2007, Voortman was expanded with a service department of its own. From the year 2012 on the company showed sustainable growth, to its current market share of 30%. It is now located in Monee, Illinois.


Solving problems

In The Netherlands, the sales manager hands the project over to the after sales department directly after it has been sold. But for American customers, the sales manager remains the contact person during the whole process from sales to installation. Adrian: “If you want to sell the next machine to your customer, you cannot walk away from him: you have to help him solve his problems. It is when the machine is installed and running that the after sales department comes in.”

Markets and customers

Voortman USA covers Central and North America, but also Colombia, Venezuela and the Caribbean. The company supplies machinery to a wide range of industries: the ship building industry, structural steel, steel service centers and manufacturing companies. Voortman is also on the preferred buyers list of a number of companies. Meanwhile, more than 300 machines have been sold. One of the best-selling machines of Voortman USA. is the V808: about 70% of all V808 machines are sold in the USA.

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