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ABOUT Voortman


Seeing ideas become a reality: it sounds nice but it really does happen at Voortman Steel Machinery. And these are ground-breaking ideas. We make the most innovative machinery and product lines for the steel construction and plate-processing industry for customers around the world. Going through the process together with a customer in order to arrive at a production line that integrates seamlessly into his process. Regardless of how often we do it, it is special each time and provides a great deal of satisfaction.


The drive we devote to doing our work is characteristic of Voortman Steel Machinery. It applies to each of us in our own way. It is the drive for constant improvement in our work, the drive to grow, to get on better with one another in a team. Regardless of how you are driven, apply it so you can add value to Voortman and the projects on which you are working. We don’t fight shy of a little daring. On the contrary, we think it’s great! Dare to do and make your ideas and those of the customer become a reality too.

We work in close collaboration at Voortman Steel Machinery. We do so with our own colleagues as well as those of our sister company Voortman Steel Construction and of course with our customers. We achieve the best results together. Is there something standing in the way of your performance? On a personal or professional level? Then we will discuss it together. We look after one another at Voortman. We are a family business and it shows.




We look beyond the simple enquiry. What exactly does the customer want, what will he be doing with it and is the product he is asking for the right tool for the job? We want to deliver true added value rather than simply manufacturing and selling machinery. This means that we look at the customer and his production process in depth in order to achieve the optimum result. This is something customers appreciate.

What we are aiming for is to have a solution for the customer before he knows he has a problem. This can definitely apply to an internal customer too, since the latter is just as important to us. This working method does demand a great deal from our employees though. We stick our necks out and push the envelope together. Just consider the transition from mechanical systems to mechatronics and intelligent and integrated systems or the Fabricator which we have developed ourselves and which enables fully automated assembly and welding to be performed. It is a world first. Voortman intends to develop continuously and keep on learning. If this suits you too, then maybe you will fit in with us!

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Culture and values


Frank Scherphof

Director Operations

Paul Hentschke

Director Engineering

Adrian Morral

President Voortman USA

Marjolein Bomans

Manager HR

Chris Elfrink


Corporate Social Responsibilty

‘We either work safely or not at all’ and ‘What we do, we do well’: these are two major slogans that recur daily in our company. We are unstinting with our people and our customers since they are of inestimable value to our company. We also show respect for our environment so generations after us are able to enjoy living and working as well. We have translated these objectives into our QHSE policy, of which Think Safe – Work Safe is a part.

QHSE Policy
Quality, safety and the environment have our constant attention. Good is not good enough – we go for better! When developing any new products and buildings, our focus is on sustainable development (energy and materials) and reducing our environmental impact (waste, CO2 and energy).

Think Safe – Work Safe
All our employees should be able to get home safe and sound after work to their evening meal. Accordingly, we intend to keep risks on the shop floor down to a minimum in terms of both safety and the environment. We therefore map out all the risks before a project starts and establish how we can control them. We repeat this anew for each project. We have developed a programme for this ourselves: Think Safe – Work Safe.

Annelon Beltman of Sietse Koenjer

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