Voortman Traineeship

The Voortman Traineeship is a program for all starters who have completed a bachelor's or master's study. But you must be enthusiastic and competent, and would like to be even better. We do not limit ourselves to purely technical studies. All studies relevant to Voortman can enter the traineeship. It is precisely the diversity in study-background that makes our program interesting. Within the trainee program, we offer you a nice mix of learning-on-the-job and personal growth. In 30 months, we get you ready for the challenges of today and tomorrow. Learning your trade from experienced colleagues lies at the heart of this. After a brief induction, you start in a regular position in our Organization. A job that suits your affinity and acquired knowledge. You will be contributing from day one. Your development and learning your trade from experienced colleagues form the basis of the program.

We're not only going to get started with your professional development. You will also be challenged constantly to develop yourself personally in the trainee program. We will start with a personal assessment and we will ask you – after 100 days – to provide feedback about your experiences within our Organization. We will also challenge you to build a network. Not only within your own business unit, but in the entire Voortman Steel Group. Together with other trainees, working all over in our organisation, you will follow training and interviews, visit projects and immerse yourself in a management case. You will have frequent interviews with your supervisor and a mentor from upper management to monitor your personal development. If you have successfully completed your traineeship after 30 months, you are ready for the next step in the Voortman Steel Group. Maybe you will be the specialist in your trade or you will be responsible for the development of a machine. It's also possible that you have management skills and ambitions and become a project leader in a challenging international project in time. Everything is possible.

One thing is certain: we're going to challenge you to bring out the best in yourself. There is a reason why we see you as the talent of the future!

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